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Family Registration Form

Please fill in the following information as complete as possible. In addition to this form, the following must be submitted for the Registration to be complete:
1) Legal Residency of Parent/Guardian Form
2) If applicable, a Student Profile Grade 1 - 12 for each student grades 1 - 12. A copy of the birth certificate and most recent report card will need to be uploaded with each Student Profile
3) If applicable, a Kindergarten Profile for each kindergarten student. A copy of the Birth Certificate for each student will need to be uploaded with each Kindergarten Profile
4) The Pastoral Reference Form will need to be submitted from your church
5) $200 Registration Fee as part of this form. See instructions below.
6) $500 Capital Assessment Fee: will be charged AFTER the interview is completed and spaces are offered and accepted. See instructions below.
* please note: these fees are not tax receiptable, and non-refundable.
Is the main contact phone number: *

Family Children: Please note a separate Student Profile must be filled out for each child

Gender: *
Would you consider split enrolment if you are registering two or more children? Split enrolment is where some, but not all, of your registered children would be offered spaces in the situation where LCS can offer space in some, but not all, grades requested.
Will you require bus transportation? *
Do you have other children not included with this application? If yes, please fill in information below. *
Regarding having photographs of my child (ren) used by Langley Christian School in the yearbook, newsletters, website, and other promotional materials: *

Parent 1/Guardian Information

Is the main contact phone number: *

Parent 2/Guardian Information

Getting To Know You Better

Who or what influenced your decision to enrol your child(ren) at Langley Christian School? (Check one or more) *

Conditions and Commitment of Registration

I/We the parent(s)/guardian(s) of the student(s) named in the preceding pages declare the following:

I/We have read the materials in the information package and fully understand the commitment I/We are making.

In making this application, I/we understand and agree with the purpose of this school as stated in Article 2 of the Constitution and indicate that I/we enroll our child(ren) because of our earnest desire that they receive a Christ centered education. If my/our children are accepted by the schools we agree that their education will be in harmony with the constitution of the society, that they are subject to the policies of the school’s board, and they are also subject to the authority invested by the board in the principal and classroom teacher.

I/We are paying a one time registration fee of $200.00 and understand that:
1.  $100 of the registration fee is refunded if the application is not accepted or LCS is unable to offer space.
2.  There is no refund if the application is withdrawn.

I/We understand a $500.00 capital assessment fee will be required. Recognizing that tuition does not cover the costs of educating a child at LCS, LCS instituted a $500 Capital Assessment Fee that each family pays upon acceptance at LCS in recognition of the obligation of LCS families to ongoing capital expenses. As an independent school LCS receives partial operating grants from the Government for the educational program but no capital grants. The Capital Assessment Fee provides for some of that; it is everyone’s contribution to the LCS facilities. This fee is non-refundable.

Langley Christian School is committed to your child’s safety and security in every way, including online services. To that end we seek to use only service providers that adhere to strict privacy and security guidelines. LCS is required by law to obtain parental consent for digital services we use in the school for management and educational purposes. These digital services are ‘cloud-based’ programs, which means they are accessed from servers outside of the school, and some school data is retained on those servers. The primary program Langley Christian School uses for student management is MyEducation BC, a management program provided by the Ministry of Education and used extensively in public and independent schools throughout BC. Data security is paramount for MyEd BC. The primary service provider we use in the school for educational purposes is Google for Education (also called G-Suite for Education), which includes a number of applications designed specifically for K-12 schools

Regarding the information as stated above, *
I/we agree to attend the required Membership 101 course for parents/guardians *
LCS requires a minimum of one month’s notice if a student is leaving, or the following month’s tuition will be charged. Families who notify us after May 1st that their child(ren) will not be returning in September will be responsible for paying tuition their September tuition fees.

I/we pledge to pay the tuition for the afore mentioned child(ren) in one of the following ways: *

Registration Fees

REGISTRATION FEES: A $200 Registration Fee and a $500 Capital Assessment Fee is required with each application. 
There are two methods of paying:
1) Credit Card: By filling in the secure credit card information below, we will process your $200 Registration Fee in our office once all of the Registration Information is complete. We will also process the one time $500 Capital Assessment Fee AFTER the interview has been completed and spaces offered and accepted. You will receive emailed receipts.
2) You can also mail in or drop off cheques to the LCS Central Office. One cheque is requested for the $200 Registration Fee for the current date. A second cheque for the $500 Capital Assessment Fee post-dated to January 1, year of enrollment. Please bring in cash in person.
Please note registrations are not considered complete until all the information is submitted including the Registration Fee and Capital Assessment Fee.
Please check preferred payment option for the Registration Fee and the Capital Assessment Fee: *

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