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International Student Program

Complete Application Form and include the following documentation

1. Transcripts for the past 2 years of education officially translated into English (Upload)

2. ITEP Slate Score ( or IELTS Test Report (Upload)

3. Completed Pastoral Reference form

4. Picture Page of Passport (Upload)

5. Copy of most recent Study Permit (if available)

6. Copy of Custodian Declaration Form (if available)

7. $400.00 Registration Fee

Upon Receipt of an application, Langley Christian School will contact the applicant and arrange a time and date for an interview with the applicant and his/her parent or parents. Interviews will be arranged with those applicants who meet the requirements of the International Student Program and are eligible for placement within the program.  Applicants will be notified whether or not they have been accepted within 3-5 business days.  Within two weeks of acceptance all applicable fees with will be required before an Official Letter of Acceptance will be issued.

Admissions Policy

Langley Christian School provides enrolment opportunities to families with children who are in need of ELL. The school will consider International students if they have a local home environment that understands and is supportive of the school’s program.

The school determines the number of ELL hours of instruction the student may need. ELL students need to meet the academic goals of Grade 10 before entry into Grades 11 and 12.

Students must live with parents or a parent before Grade 8. The school reserves the right to determine the family with whom the student will stay. If a student is not living with a parent/parents, the student will be placed in a school approved homestay. Only those Host families who support the mission and vision of LCS will be selected.


Gender: *


Parent 1:
Parent 2:
Permanent Mailing Address:
Family Address if different from above:


List the last two schools attended, starting with the most recent: School / Grade / Location / Dates of Attendance
Has student repeated any grades? *
Does the student have any of the following: *
Does the student have any academic problems? *
Is your child able to participate in a full Physical Education Program? (A doctor's certificate is required for exemption from PE class as this is a compulsory subject.) *
Does your child have any of the following:


If available, please fill in local contact person's information:


Please fill in emergency contact person in home country:


A successful experience at Langley Christian School depends on the student making his / her best effort in every area of school life. Langley Christian School reserves the right to dismiss students and return them home, at the parent’s expense, without tuition refund, for violations of the School’s Code of Conduct and / or Homestay Guidelines. Please notify the International Student Coordinator of any change of address, telephone number or email.

Registration Commitment: *


Financial Responsiblity: As the parent/guardian of the following student(s), I/we accept full responsibility for all costs for the applicable school year. *



LCS is a community which defines itself primarily as a group of believers in and followers of Jesus Christ who wish to provide their children with an education which honours their faith commitment. Members of this community acknowledge God as revealed in the Bible and in the person of Jesus Christ to be sovereign in all areas of life. All of life is worship. Christian life is not a part-time endeavor. It is this fundamental understanding which provides the foundation for and informs the Christian education provided by LCS.

A significant emphasis for a community which claims God as the Lord of all of life is the unity of home, church and school. The expectation of the LCS community is that each of these important elements in a student’s life will complement and build up the others, since all endeavours in life are subject to the same faith commitment.

We also acknowledge as a community that our world is tainted and marred by the effects of sin. Failure to consistently remain true to God’s teachings and the need for forgiveness is a fact of life.

Accordingly, LCS expects all persons with influence over our students to model behavior and lifestyle choices consistent with the Christian walk of faith in all areas of their lives, both school related and non- school related. Teachers, administrators and employees are required to sign a CSP document as part of their employment contract; Board and Committee members also sign a CSP prior to commencing their volunteer service. Parents, as an integral and essential part of the LCS community, are also required to

acknowledge their acceptance of, understanding and support for LCS’s vision and its community standards by signing this document.

The following general community standards reflect our Society’s core values. They include:

  • Belief in the inspiration and authority of the Bible, as is further expounded on in the Basis of the

LCS Society Constitution

  • Voluntary submission to the Bible’s teaching
  • The pursuit of personal holiness
  • Striving to live distinctly Christian lives

All members of the community are responsible to:

  • Conduct themselves as responsible citizens.
  • Engage in an honest pursuit of biblical holiness.
  • Uphold the Langley Christian School’s mission.
  • Limit the exercise of their Christian liberty in accordance with the School’s mission and the best interest of other members of the community.

The following particular standards of conduct of LCS are important non-exhaustive examples of how members, students, board, committee members, administrators, teachers and support staff are to live out their lives in the school community:

  • Active involvement in a Christian church.
  • Demonstrates clear and active support for Christian education.
  • Understands marriage to be a covenant between a man and a woman.
  • Respects the sanctity of life from the moment of conception.
  • Refrains from sexual misconduct such as adultery, sexual relationships outside of marriage, the use of pornography or other sexually explicit material.
  • Refrains from the use, possession or distribution of illegal drugs and the abuse of alcohol
  • Refrains from criminal activity or serious civil wrongdoing.
  • Respect for persons in authority

This exposition and application of the LCS Community Standards is not offered as a legalistic definition of right and wrong. Rather, it provides concrete examples of a covenantal commitment to the mission of LCS and a commitment to fellow members of this school community. Certain expectations may not be commanded by Scripture, but nonetheless, they are desirable and essential if all members of the

community are to achieve their personal goals. Parental and student submission to the society’s constitution and its policies including the Code of Conduct as it relates to parents is a matter of both personal faith and integrity and communal standards and accountability. The emphasis in the LCS community is on covenant, shalom, mutual correction, sincere repentance and forgiveness. In instances of serious breach and/or a flagrantly disobedient lifestyle, the LCS community may, through the Board, revoke the membership and voting privileges of a parent.

I/we have read the information contained in the Langley Christian School Community Standards Policy and fully understand the commitment I/we are making. *
Community Standards Policy Signature: *
REGISTRATION FEES: A $400 Registration Fee is required with each application. 
Credit Card: By filling in the secure credit card information below, we will process your $400 Registration Fee in our office once all of the Registration Information is complete.
Wire Transfer: Please contact Marlene Bylenga for instructions on wire transfer.
International Student Coordinator: Marlene Bylenga 
P: 604.994.0158
F: 604.533.0842

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