If you drink beverages that come in redeemable cans and bottles, then you can make a difference for Project POOCH! The BottleDrop program is as easy as 1-2-3.
  1. Request a BottleDrop bag (or bags) from Project POOCH
  2. Fill the bag with clean, redeemable cans and bottles.
  3. Return them to any BottleDrop location or drop them by our office. (Locate a BottleDrop location near you using BottleDrop's convenient locator)
You can even get your friends and neighbors in on the donations by sharing information about the program or picking up their cans and bottles directly.
Would you like the bags mailed to you or would you like to pick them up at our office (15800 Boones Ferry Road, Suite A2) *
Would you like to be added to our email and mailing list? *
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