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Website & Social Media Technical Assistance Grant Application

The City of Pleasant Hill has created the Website & Social Media Technical Assistance Grant Program aimed at boosting overall economic activity in the City. This initiative provides reimbursement grants of up to $7,500 to help storefront merchants enhance their technical and marketing capabilities. Retail (goods, services), restaurants, and personal care service businesses that are approved for the grant will be eligible to be reimbursed for the following expenses:

  1. Website Development and Design
  2. On-line Ordering, Pickup, and/or Delivery Functionality
  3. Social Media Setup/Strategy
  4. Digital Marketing (content and strategy only, not advertising costs)
  5. Paid Social Media Advertising (content and strategy only, not advertising costs)
  6. Brand Strategy and Development
  7. Email Marketing (content and strategy)
  8. Graphic Design
  9. Photography
  10. Video Production (including drone and animated videos)
  11. Website hosting software, including email marketing software (pre-payments for up to 12 months are allowed)

    *Note: direct marketing and advertising costs are not eligible for reimbursement 

The City will provide grantees with a list of pre-screened technical consultants that are qualified to provide the grant-eligible services listed above. Grantees can select one single consultant or multiple consultants. Grantees have the option of hiring a consultant(s) from the City's consultant list and/or hiring consultant(s) not on the list. If a consultant is selected that is not on the City-provided Consultant List, then that consultant(s) must be pre-approved by the Grant Program Manager in order for the approved businesses to gain reimbursement eligibility for those consultant invoices. Consultant eligibility will be based on factors such as examples of prior work, referrals, and website presence.

Important: Prior to submitting the grant application below, make sure to read the grant program guidelines and eligibility parameters here: Website & Social Media Technical Assistance Grant Program

Is your business a home-based business? *
Is your business currently open to the public? *
Does your business have a commercial physical storefront? *
Business Type *
Is your business a gas station, liquor store, or tobacco/vaping shop? *
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Do you have an up-to-date City of Pleasant Hill business license? If you do not, you may obtain one here: *
Do you have any open code violations or other outstanding violations with the City of Pleasant Hill, Contra Costa County or State of California? *
Is your business in good standing with the City of Pleasant Hill, Contra Costa County and State of California? *
Your answers to the following questions have no bearing on the eligibility of your application. Your answers are for information purposes only.
Is your business franchise-owned? *
Is your business woman-owned or co-woman-owned? *
Is your business veteran-owned or co-veteran-owned? *
Is the owner or any of the co-owners one of these races/ethnicities? (if multiple races/ethnicities apply, please select all that apply) *

NOTE: Your grant application is not considered complete until this application is submitted AND includes a completed IRS Form W-9. The business name on the W-9 must match the legal business name on this application AND THE FORM MUST BE SIGNED ON PAGE 1 (Part II). The address on the W-9 will be the address where the reimbursement check would be mailed if your application is approved and all of the reimbursement requirements are met. Grant awards will be reported as income and a 1099 will be submitted to the IRS and provided to grant recipients.


By completing this application and requesting a Website & Social Media Technical Assistance Grant from the City of Pleasant Hill, I hereby certify that the following statements are true and correct:

1. I acknowledge that the City of Pleasant Hill may determine in its sole discretion which business types and specific businesses are eligible under this grant program, and which expenses meet the eligibility requirements.

2. I acknowledge that the City may determine in its sole discretion whether information submitted through this application is subject to disclosure under the California Public Records Act or through another legal process.

3. I acknowledge that my business may be subject to documentation requests to ensure compliance with the expenditure criteria and eligibility requirements of the program and agree to comply with such requests.

4. I am the authorized representative of the business and I am legally authorized to bind the business to these terms and conditions and shall submit such proof upon request by the City.

5. My business currently complies and will continue to comply with City, County, and State guidelines for operating my businesses.

6. I agree to refund to the City any grant monies received if my application or reimbursement requests include any fraudulent information or if I fail to provide required documentation upon request or if documentation shows that I am not an eligible recipient, or if the funds are not used pursuant to the standards set forth in the program guidelines.

7. I hereby consent to the use of electronic signatures for this agreement.

By signing this agreement, I hereby agree to all terms and conditions set forth herein. *