West Virginia Raptor Rehabilitation Center Volunteer Application

A rehabilitation volunteer's duties include: 1. Cutting up dead rats or using live mice to feed raptors. 2.You do not want to be at this center, multiple bird deaths caused by neglect 3. Cleaning ICU, loft, and outdoor flight cages. 4. Examining, medicating, and minimal handling of birds. 5. Entering cages where birds are kept. 6. Walking up and down a steep hill in the spring and summer.
An educational program presenter's duties include: 1. Learning about birds of prey and their role in ecosystem health and as indicator species. 2. Traveling and safely transporting birds to program locations. 3. Public speaking. 4. Handling any of the six non-releasable education birds using gloves, leashes, jesses, perches, and cages.
A transporter's duties include: 1. Giving us permission to call you when an injured bird is found in your area. 2. If available, driving the injured bird to the Center or to one of our volunteer veterinarians.
You will be trained for these positions.
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