How Has Your or a Loved One's Use of Drugs & Alcohol Affected Your Life?

Despite today's epidemic of drug & alcohol use, there has been surprisingly little research on the effectiveness of different treatment programs and addiction's impact on the family.  We will use the results of this quick survey to educate others and advocate for better treatment options.  Thank you for taking the time to help!
Joanna Conti, CEO
Conquer Addiction, Inc.

Whose drug or alcohol use has you concerned (please select only one; you can take the survey again to report on a second person's use): *
What is their sex? *
What is your sex? *
Do you think your loved one is clean and sober today? *
Are you clean and sober today? *
How long do you think your loved one has been clean and sober?
How long have you been abstinent from all drugs and alcohol?
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