Hi There!
I’m creating a new community for Weekend Real Estate Investors - people who are busy and active but still want to profit from real estate.
The game plan at this point is to focus on ideas and strategies to make money with real estate that can be done by a "Weekend Investor." This means either something that is "set and forget" so you can set everything up in a weekend, or a viable strategy that only requires a few hours a week of effort or oversight. 
Could you please take a moment to let us know what would help you out the most?
In return, I promise to review each of your suggestions and listen carefully to your input as I put this together. 
In addition to this, you'll be one of the very first to be able to access the Weekend Real Estate Investor resources - before anyone else. 
Thanks SO MUCH!
Peter Conti
If price wasn't a factor, which of these would you want the Weekend Real Estate Investor community to provide: *
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