How Effectively is Your Center Using Progress Monitoring and Post-Treatment Outcomes Research?

Do your patients report how they're feeling (e.g., levels of depression, anxiety and/or trauma, suicidal thoughts, and satisfaction with treatment) on a regular basis throughout treatment? *
Are the patient assessment scores immediately available to your clinicians in easy-to-understand graphs that show the progress patients are making during treatment? *
Are your clinicians effectively using the patient data in clinical planning? *
Are your managers able to easily aggregate the patient data and use it to identify opportunities for improvement by clinician or in particular programs? *
Are you following up with your patients after treatment to learn whether they're meeting their treatment goals? *
What percentage of your discharged patients are you able to contact one year post-discharge? *
Is this research being conducted by an independent organization or research department that promises the patients that they can admit using without the results getting back to the clinical team or admissions department? *
Do you believe your center is providing excellent treatment? *