Host Pool Request

Thank you for your interest in hosting swimming lessons at your home pool. 
Please be as complete as possible with this form. By answering the questions below, I can determine how your pool will best work into my schedule. Since I typically have an overwhelming amount of host requests, there is no guarantee I will absolutely be able to utilize your pool, but I will do my best to accommodate you.
Please keep in mind, that we will not walk through your home.  We will need access to the pool deck from the parking area (street). There will be some noise.  Please consider the noise level when offering to host.  If a family member works from home, or a neighbor is close enough that they would be bothered by the sound, you should speak with them first before completing this form. Also, if you have animals, they may be protective of your home and should be kept inside. 
Are you the homeowners? *
Is your community gated? *
Is there a time of day that you would prefer to host lessons? Your child(ren) would be included in this time frame. Your child(ren) can be placed first, last or in the middle of lessons. You need not be present for all the lessons, only your own children. *
Is your pool heated *
If you answered "no" to heat above, does your home have a screen enclosure? (This will delay the water from warming)
What is your pool's heat source? *
Do you have a solar blanket to use at night, or during cold snaps/rain? *
Who takes care of chemicals for your pool? *
Hosting requires a minimum of 3 or 7 week time spans. Which is your preference? *
Thank you so much for your interest!  Families that are able to host, are a huge benefit to our community. Families close by, don't have to travel very far to get their children the skills they need to safely navigate the water.  The benefit for our community is HUGE!!
As a thank you to you the host/homeowner, I do not charge a registration fee, and tuition fees for your first child are reduced to zero if you host 6 or more children that are not in your family. Thank you again for your support and commitment, it means so much to me.  
I will be in touch with you to speak more about the hosting program and how your pool fits into my schedule.  If you would like to check in on your host request please call, text, or email me. 
Master Instructor and Water Safety Advocate
Little Otters Swim Academy