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International Student Program Application

Complete Application Form and include the following documentation

1. Passport Photo (Upload)

2. Picture page of passport (Upload)

3. Transcripts for the past 2 years of education officially translated into English (Upload)

4.  iTEP Slate PLUS exam score for grades 6-12. Please select "Langley Christian School" from the drop down menu, so the results come directly to the school. (test can be completed online at:

5. Completed Pastoral Reference or Personal Faith Explanation form

6. Copy of most recent Study Permit (if available)

7. Copy of Custodian Declaration Form (if available)

8. Student Immunization Records (Uploads)

9. $400.00 Application Fee (non- refundable) per student 

Upon Receipt of a completed application, Langley Christian School will contact the applicant and arrange a time and date for an interview with the applicant and his/her parent or parents. Interviews will be arranged with those applicants who meet the requirements of the International Student Program and are eligible for placement within the program.  Applicants will be notified whether or not they have been accepted within 3-5 business days.  Within two weeks of acceptance all applicable fees with will be required before an Official Letter of Acceptance will be issued.

Admissions Policy

Langley Christian School provides enrolment opportunities to families with children who are in need of ELL. The school will consider International students if they have a local home environment that understands and is supportive of the school’s program.

The school determines the number of ELL hours of instruction the student may need. ELL students need to meet the academic goals of Grade 10 before entry into Grades 11 and 12.

Students must live with parents or a parent before Grade 8. The school reserves the right to determine the family with whom the student will stay. If a student is not living with a parent/parents, the student will be placed in a school approved homestay. Only those Host families who support the mission and vision of LCS will be selected.


Gender: *


Parent 1:
Parent 2:
Mailing Address in Home Country:
Family Address if different from above:


List the last two schools attended, starting with the most recent: School / Grade / Location / Dates of Attendance. Upload report cards at end of application.
2nd School School / Grade / Location / Dates of Attendance. Upload report cards at end of application.
Has student repeated any grades? *
Does the student have any of the following: *
Does the student have any academic concerns? *
Is your child able to participate in a full Physical Education Program? (A doctor's certificate is required for exemption from PE class as this is a compulsory subject.) *
Does your child have any of the following:


If available, please fill in local contact person's information:


Please fill in emergency contact person in home country:


A successful experience at Langley Christian School depends on the student making his / her best effort in every area of school life. Langley Christian School reserves the right to dismiss students and return them home, at the parent’s expense, without tuition refund, for violations of the School’s Code of Conduct and / or Homestay Guidelines. Please notify the International Student Coordinator of any change of address, telephone number or email.

I/We the parent(s)/guardian(s) of the student(s) named in the preceding pages declare the following:

I/We have read the materials in the information package and fully understand the commitment I/We are making.

I/We have been truthful in answering questions pertaining to my child(ren)'s previous school experience and learning and/or any special ed supports, assessments, or reports my child(ren) has received or scheduled to receive.



We hereby release Langley Christian School and all its employees and host families from all liability, damages or claims which were incurred during the time of our child participating in this school program.

We understand that our child must comply with all local and provincial laws.  We understand that the student must comply with all policies regarding the Langley Christian School International Student Program. 

We understand that students may be transported by school bus or vehicles operated by staff members or parents from Langley Christian School and we hereby release the school and all its employees and associated individuals from all associated liability.

We understand that, on occasion, students may be injured in daily activities or while playing sports and we hereby release the school and all of its employees and host families from all associated liability.  We understand that we will be responsible for all charges associated from illness and/or accidents not covered by the health insurance policy.


We understand that the student will be subject to the authorities and teachers of Langley Christian School and that he or she is expected to follow the rules given by the family with whom he or she lives. We also understand that the school reserves the right to terminate the participation in the homestay program of any participant whose conduct may be considered detrimental or incompatible with the interest and security of the program. We understand that we are financially responsible for any damages or charges incurred due to our child’s negligence in not complying with the expectations outlined in the Homestay Handbook.  

The student agrees to accept and uphold the standards of conduct set by Langley Christian School, and the family or families with whom he or she may live, for the duration of the program.  He or she agrees to maintain friendly and respectful relations with all the members of the family with whom he or she may be living.


We understand that Custodianship is a formality required by the Canadian Government for granting permission for minors to live and study in Canada. We understand that by granting Custodianship to a member of Langley Christian School, they will act in the best interests of the student to provide a safe and supportive home and school environment. We acknowledge that full parental authority is not the responsibility of the Custodian, and release the Custodian from all liability.

Registration and Liability Commitment *
Regarding having photographs of my child(ren) used by Langley Christian School in the yearbook, news letters, website, and all other promo material *


Financial Responsiblity: As the parent/guardian of the following student(s), I/we accept full responsibility for all costs for the applicable school year. *
APPLICATION FEES: A $400 Application Fee is required with each application. 
Credit Card: By filling in the secure credit card information below, we will process your $400 Registration Fee in our office once all of the Registration Information is complete.
Wire Transfer: Please contact Tanya Larosa for instructions of wire transfer.
International Student Coordinator: Tanya Larosa 
P: 604.994.0158

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