Small Group Outdoor Fitness Training

Requests for Proposal from Fitness Instructors

The San Francisco Park Code Section 3.08 provides that : No person shall use any of the facilities or areas of any park for the purpose of providing  instruction for compensation without first having obtained a permit, concession, license or lease from the Recreation and Park Commission.

The San Francisco Park Recreation and Park Department wishes to facilitate fitness trainers using outdoor spaces to offer instruction and is seeking proposals from qualified applicants to operate in our parks for small group training:

  • Small Group Training: For instructors only interested in training no more than 3 people at a time, you can use this form to apply for a license to operate under certain conditions:
    • Number of participants 3 
    • Frequency i.e., permitted dates/times – Unlimited
    • Permit Areas
      • You may select up to 4 different parks (note at some locations permits may be limited to avoid excessive use)
        • Currently use of Dolores Park, Washington Square and Athletic Fields are not allowed
        • Use of Kezar is limited to upper track and benches provided not in use by others
        • First-come, first-serve after other permitted users including picnics, events and kids camps, you must relocate if others are using the space.
        • Can not require public to move
      • Overuse of Lawns: Move activities to different areas to avoid too much wear in a particular area particularly lawns. Do not use a specific area of lawn more than one day a week
      • No use of children’s play areas
      • Must be 6 feet from any public walkways
    • Equipment and Facility Use
      • May not attach equipment to any recreation and park equipment or property (including trees)
      • All equipment must be cleaned and sanitized per health directives
      • Amplified Sound Prohibited
      • No amplified sound or loud yelling
    • Impact on Other Park Users
      • Do not interfere with other park users or trigger complaints or license will be suspended after warning.
    • Cost: Minimum annual fee of $250. You will be issued a photo ID.
    • Insurance: You must provide a $1 million certificate of insurance naming the city as an additional insured


Larger Group Training with More Than 3 Participants: For those interested in group training (more than 3 participants), you need to obtain a permit for a particular designated location to ensure that you do not interfere with other park users. Please click here (link to come) for more information.

Applicant Information

Person Requesting License:
Are You Operating as Part of or Sponsored by a Business Who Will Be Providing Insurance *

Information about Business

Your Program Information

Activity You Are Proposing (check all that apply) *
Does Your Program Require You to Provide Equipment (Note: Equipment may not be attached to any park property including trees and fences) *
Amplified Sound is Not Allowed: *
Use of Children's Play Area: *
Interference with Other Park Users: *
No Permit to Use Specific Location: *
No Athletic Instruction: *

Proposed Locations

Location Interested In:
What Type of Space Are You Interested in Using (Check all that Apply) *
Please Select Up to 4 Parks Where You would Like a License (note licenses may be limited at certain small parks). This license does not include athletic instructions on Athletic Fields: *
What Age Are Your Participants *
Questions to Help Us Assess Use (you are not committing to the below but for smaller parks we are trying to judge how busy they will be):
What Days of the Week Are You Likely to Offer Programs (check all that apply): *

Administrative Details

Photo for License: You must provide a passport type head shot that will be used to generate your license. You will need to have this with you at all times. 

Insurance: A $1 MILLION PER OCCURRENCE/$2 MILLION AGGREGATE CERTIFICATE OF LIABILITY INSURANCE is required, naming additionally insured, the City and County of San Francisco and the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department and its agents, employees and commissioners, in single limits applying to physical injury, property damage, personal injury. Certificate of insurance must specifically state that it covers instructor or sponsoring organization. Please update the Certificate Holder section to read as follows:
San Francisco Recreation & Park Department
City & County of San Francisco
McLaren Lodge in Golden Gate Park
501 Stanyan Street
San Francisco, CA, 94117

Cost: The annual cost to operate is $250. Once your request has been reviewed and approved you will be sent an invoice prior to issuance of the license. 
I certify that the above information is correct and that failure to follow the rules here and in my license can result in forfeiture of the license:

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