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On June 11, 2020, the Health Officer for the City & County of San Francisco issued Health Order C19-07e Appendix C-1 to the Stay-Safe-At-Home Order authorizing and providing guidance for Outdoor Fitness Groups. 

The San Francisco Park Recreation and Park Department wants to facilitate the start of outdoor fitness activities as quickly as possible. Any authorized outdoor health and fitness programs will need a permit to operate so they have a designated space and permission to offer the class. The cost for a permit is $15 per hour.

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Children under 18 years of age, which are governed by separate rules. Educational and recreational programs for children must be in stable groups of 12 or fewer children by a provider or instructor that remains solely with a single group of children for at least 3 weeks. The provider/instructor cannot interact with more than one stable group of children, and the group of children must be the same each day and not attending any other program, throughout the 3-week period. For more information, see the Stay-Safe-at-Home Order, Section 15.f.xxvi (page 15), posted at

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