2021 Summer Adult Team Practice Request Form

This Form is to be Used by ADULT Teams/Groups Who Are Requesting Regular Summer Practice Fields Between June 1 and August 31


We will review all applications received by April 30 together. After that we will review late applications in batches.

A Separate Form Must Be Filed For Each Team- Do Not Submit Duplicates for the Same Team

Current SF health orders allow adults to participate in stable, regular sports programs that meet at the same location, on the same day, and at the same time each week. The purpose of this form is to allow adult teams/groups to request for a regular weekly practice space.
All teams and participants must still adhere to the health requirements and guidelines defined in the health directive for Youth and Adult Recreational Sports.
Key Health Order Requirements Include:
Best Practices and General Requirements for Sports Programs
Face Coverings - All participants, coaches, and referees are required to wear face coverings at all times. If someone wants to remove their mask to drink water or catch a breath, they will need to be 6 ft away from anyone else. If someone does not want to wear a mask, they should not register to play.
Participant Rules -  Adult Particpants are urged--but not required--to not participate in more than two sports program in any 3-week period. However adults participating in a high contact sport (such as soccer, basketball, rugby or football) are only allowed to participate in any other sports program. No guest players allowed.
No Out-of-State Games or Tournaments
Limit Sharing of Equipment - If equipment must be shared, hands should be sanitized prior and after touching. Program organizer must provide face coverings (if needed), hand sanitizer/handwashing stations, disinfectant and related cleaning supplies.
• Must Develop and Distribute a Health & Safety Plan - Must provide to all participants and SFRPD. The SFDPH Health & Safety Plan Form can be found here: https://www.sfdph.org/dph/alerts/covid-guidance/2021-01-HSP-Sports-Youth-and-Adult.pdf
For full details on the health order, please refer directly to the sports directive here: 
An Adult Team Practice Permit May Be Used For:
  • A regular weekly team practice with all team members remaining the same each week
  • Scrimmaging between members of the same team
What You Should Know:
  • You may absolutely not use adult team practice permits to run any type of league games. Official referees are not allowed. You may only charge team members an amount to recoup permit fees and a nominal fee for administration only. If you are discovered organizing league games and/or using your permit for for-profit purposes, your permit will terminated immediately and you will be suspended from making any reservations with SFRPD for one year.
Team Info:

Activity/Sport Played (you must complete a separate filing for each of the following): *

Primary Team Contact:

Secondary Team Contact:

General Practice Information

Summer Practices May Not Start Prior to May 31