Covid 2021 Summer League Request Form

This Form is to be Used by Leagues to Request Outdoor Game Fields for their Summer Season (June 1 to August 31). A separate form must be used to request multiple fields.

Deadline: Friday, April 30

Applications submitted after the deadline will be reviewed periodically

The SF Department of Public Health will allow adult outdoor sports programs to reopen subject to the following requirements:
Best Practices and General Requirements for Sports Programs
Face Coverings - All participants, coaches, and referees are required to wear face coverings at all times. If someone wants to remove their mask to drink water or catch a breath, they will need to be 6 ft away from anyone else. If someone does not want to wear a mask, they should not register for league play.
Participant Rules -
          Youth - Youth Participants are limited to two OST programs in any 3-week period. Teams may not have guest players.
          Adults - Adult Particpants are urged--but not required--to not participate in more than two sports program in any 3-week period. However adults participating in a high contact sport (such as soccer, basketball, rugby or football) are only allowed to participate in any other sports program. No guest players allowed.
One Game Per Day - A team may compete with only one other team per day, and only one event (no double-headers)
No Out-of-State Games or Tournaments
Limited Spectators - For official league games, spectators are limited to 50.
• No Pre and Post-Game Gathering - Play and leave. Please also allot ample time for teams to vacate the field before next teams arrive. Avoid carpooling.
Limit Sharing of Equipment - If equipment must be shared, hands should be sanitized prior and after touching. Program organizer must provide face coverings (if needed), hand sanitizer/handwashing stations, disinfectant and related cleaning supplies.
• Must Develop and Distribute a Health & Safety Plan - Must provide to all participants and SFRPD. The SFDPH Health & Safety Plan Form can be found here:
For full details on the health order, please refer directly to the sports directive here:
What You Should Know Prior to Applying:
• We intend to schedule your games at the same fields, days, and times as you have had for summer historically (if you are a returning league)
• Our summer season is from June to August 31. You can request a later start or less weeks. However, health orders state that leagues and sports programs must run a minimum of 3 consecutive weeks.
• It is highly unlikely that we can accommodate requests for seasons in which your league has not played historically.
• A number of leagues have existing account credits from Spring 2020. You will be able to apply those to this season. 


Who Does Your League Serve?: *