2021 Summer Camp Cohort Application

Deadline For First Consideration: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 7

We will review all applications received by April 7 together. After that we will review other applications in batches.

In March 2021, the San Francisco Health Department issued draft guidance regarding summer camps. 

In order to significantly limit the exposure and spread of COVID - camps must continue to operate in "cohorts" for 3-week sessions. UPDATE AS OF MAY 20- One week camps are now allowed (although SFDPH recommends 3 weeks). We are not changing any issued permits but this form has been amended to allow you to request one week sessions on a space available basis)

Below are some general guidelines for summer day camps in 2021, based on the currently-existing rules for out-of-school time programs. These are subject to change based on San Francisco's COVID-19 risk level ("tier") as well as local and state health orders.  A more specific guidance and directive is being formulated, but you may use the guidelines below for planning purposes:

  • Summer day camps may run from 6/1/2021 to 8/31/2021. Note that Rec and Park is offering 3 3-week sessions on the following dates:
    • June 14 – July 2
    • July 5/6 – July 23
    • July 23 – August 13
    • Effect May 20 we are allowing one week requests on a space available basis
  • Summer day camps are considered out-of-school time programs and should follow that guidance, including:
    • Sessions must last at least 3 weeks. Staff and participants must start camp during the first week (no late additions in the middle of camp).
    • Completely outdoor cohorts can have up to 27 total people, including children, youth and staff. This includes any counselors in training or similar roles.
    • Cohorts that involve any component of indoor sports, dance or exercise can have up to 16 total people, including staff. So if you are indoors just to do an art project, the 27 limit applies but if you are indoors doing a sport the 16 limit applies. 
  • Camps must follow local and state guidance, including guidance around sports. See Health Officer Directive No. 2021-01for more information. Sports and other activities allowed in San Francisco are subject to change based on San Francisco's COVID-19 risk level ("tier") as well as local and state health orders. Summer day camps may offer sports that are not allowed at this time, but they must clearly state that the camp may need to be cancelled or changed if the sport is not allowed when the camp starts.
  • Camp programs may operate multiple cohorts so long as they are kept separate.
  • Camps should prioritize registration for essential workers and at-risk kids before registration for others.
  • There are also a variety of other requirements for sanitation, face masks etc. We are waiting for the final details to be published (for planning purposes, refer to the 2020 guidelines).
  • You will be required to self-certify your camp on a city health website. We will provide links to regulations when published.

Please note: Priority on sites will go to those who have historically reserved that location for that time frame, but we will do our best to make space for everyone.


If You Feel That Your Program Will Meet ALL the Preliminary Conditions Above, Please Submit This Form by the Requested Deadline

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