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2021-09-21 14:55:35RPM AthleticsBrinlea 09/30/20212DRY | WET2-8CRap- RegularBrinlea is the name of the diva that you love. From RPM yeah she’s gonna rise above 2-8CRap- RegularSassy and fabulous she needs no introduction. The name is Brinlea, now witness the production
2021-09-21 14:15:30Cats CheerSparkle Kitties09/30/20211DRY | WET2-8CRap- RegularFirst we’re gonna sparkle, and then we shine so bright. These Cats are invincible, that’s why we own the night.
2021-09-21 14:14:41Cats CheerReign Cats09/30/20211DRY | WET2-8CRap- RegularIf you step to these Cats, you’re sure to be outdone. You already know, don’t act like our reign has just begun.
2021-09-21 14:13:37Cats CheerPurrfect Kitties09/30/20211DRY | WET2-8CRap- RegularWe’re all about perfection, these Cats ain’t got no flaws. Gather round and witness, we live for the applause
2021-09-21 14:12:46Cats CheerCrystal Cats09/30/20211DRY | WET2-8CRap- RegularCrystal this, Crystal that, you want some of these Crystal cats. We shine so bright like gems, so you better watch your back
2021-09-16 19:02:18Bishop GuertinCardinals (Lady Cards)09/30/20213DRY | WET4countRap- RegularVibe checkkkk2-8CRap- RegularLady Cards are hot tonight, you’ve been told. It’s time to shut this down, yeah my ladies never fold.2-8CRap- RegularThese vibes are so immaculate, Lady Cards let’s go. The baddest in the biz, we don’t think, we know!
2021-09-16 18:53:23Stealth AthletixBlacksnakes09/30/20212DRY | WET2-8CRap- RegularYeah we’re going stealth mode, fight til the end. Blacksnakes show you how, we set the latest trend 2-8CRap- RegularIf you wanna battle me, then step up let’s see you try. We’re always number one, that’s why we soarin’ oh so high
2021-09-16 15:12:37TNT CheerIgnite09/24/20212DRY | WET1-8CRap- RegularIgnite, Start. Your. Engines.1-8CRap- RegularWe stay in first, you fall behind, see you at the finish line
2021-09-16 15:05:49TNT CheerMissiles09/24/20212DRY | WET1-8CRap- RegularBoom thunder boom, these Missiles clear the room1-8CRap- RegularWhen TNT strikes you out, you'll see what we're all about
2021-09-16 14:42:24TNT CheerCode Black09/24/20212DRY | WET2-8CRap- RegularLights out it's Code Black, we're movin' in the dark of the night. These 007 agents are on top we're doin' it right2-8CRap- RegularTNT don't make a sound, we operate undercover. The mission's on, it's Code Black, we do it like no other.
2021-09-16 13:43:56TNT CheerBlaze09/24/20212DRY | WET2-8CRap- RegularWelcome to our fairytale, Blaze get your crowns up. Comin' through on that pumpkin carriage, TNT turn it up.Sample AttachedVO_TNT_Blaze.m4a (65 KB)
2-8CRap- RegularSet that clock to midnight, bibbidi-bobbidi-boo. Tick tock we wave our wand and cast a spell on you.
2021-09-16 11:40:27Lexington CatholicKnights09/24/20211DRY | WET1-8CRap- RegularWe're here to stay, we're here to fight, we're the sisterhood of the Lady Knights!
2021-09-16 11:37:16RVA ThriveShockwave09/24/20212DRY | WET2-8CRap- RegularGet ready for a shockwave, there’s pressure in the air. Sirens goin’ off yeah you better beware!2-8CRap- RegularWe got them jaws droppin’ when they see the forecast. A mighty shockwave comin’ through, when lightning strikes you feel the blast
2021-09-13 11:12:47CheernasiumEclipse09/17/20211DRY | WET2-8CRap- RegularThere.. is no.. place like home. We’re feelin’ so wicked, Eclipse is in the zone
2021-09-13 11:11:36CheernasiumCosmic09/17/20212DRY | WET2-8CRap- RegularGonna make you break a sweat, you can’t keep up with our regimen. Girl we got them gains, we’re cosmic and we came to win2-8CRap- RegularWork it out with cosmic, let’s get that body movin’. Pump it up, pump it up, yeah get that body groovin’!
2021-09-10 14:38:54CheernasiumGems09/17/20212DRY | WET2-8CRap- RegularWe trained for this moment and we’re confident that’s right. Cheernasium we move in the shadows, these ninjas own the night2-8CRap- RegularG-E-M-S, gonna catch you by surprise. You never see us comin’ but we’re right before your eyes
2021-09-10 14:02:26CheernasiumIlluminate 09/17/20212DRY | WET2-8CRap- RegularLet the games begin, with Gryffindor and Slytherin. Quidditch is not for the weak, now brooms up if you wanna win 2-8CRap- RegularWitchcraft and alchemy, you know we got that magic. You step to us, then expelliarmus… we’ll let you have it!
2021-09-02 16:21:33InfinityIcon09/09/20212WET2-8CRap- RegularIconic and fabulous, we're limited edition. Infinity got that swag, no we don't need permission.2-8CRap- RegularIcon is the name that you see in shining lights. Yeah we're back with a vengeance, this time we won't play nice.
2021-09-02 16:10:24InfinityEnvy09/09/20212WET2-8CRap- RegularWe already know you envy us, you can't hide your obsession. We're takin' names while you take notes.. so here's your lesson2-8CRap- RegularE-N-V-Y, you can't stop our shine. This is is the year we dominate, you're not gonna take what's mine.
2021-09-02 15:24:34Floresville HighTigers09/13/20211WET1-8CRap- RegularMaroon and white, down to fight, scratch you out all day all night
2021-09-02 12:51:50CheernasiumTwinkle09/09/20211WET1-8CRap- RegularUnder the sea is where we build our Twinkle legacy
2021-09-02 12:49:07CheernasiumTwilight09/09/20212WET1-8CRap- RegularWelcome to the show, Cheernasium circus here we go1-8CRap- RegularTwilight is your ring leader... you've entered my arena
2021-09-02 12:47:36CheernasiumStarlight09/09/20212WET1-8CRap- RegularStarlight shine bright these Barbie girls are outta sight1-8CRap- RegularWe're livin' our life in plastic, Cheernasium is so fantastic
2021-08-30 14:43:06Cave Springs HSSquires09/03/20211WET1-8CRap- RegularWe got the Squire pride and the spirit inside
2021-08-30 14:42:02Midlo HSTrojans09/03/20211WET1-8CRap- RegularWe never losin focus, Trojans you know this
2021-08-20 19:10:33Champion Force AthleticsLavender08/26/20213WET2-8CRap- RegularYou really want these problems? Then step up and take your shot. Champion Force we don’t play nice we’re everything you’re not!1-8CRap- RegularL-A-V-E-N-D-E-R4countRap- RegularChampion Force Athletics
2021-08-13 18:43:43Dayton AthleticsCosmic Stars08/23/20213WET4countRap- RegularCosmic Stars2-8CRap- RegularWe've come from the future and this is what we've seen. The DA Cosmic Stars, all hail the queens!1-8CRap- RegularWe… Are… S-T-A-R-S
2021-08-12 14:35:50Holy Spirit HSSpartans08/18/20213WET1-8CRap- RegularWe got spirit yes we do, we got Spartan attitude1-8CRap- RegularYou are now witnessing Spartan domination4countRap- RegularHoly Spirit
2021-08-02 13:04:51Hillcrest HighRams08/06/20214WET1-8CRap- Regular- Hillcrest here we go, number one and now you know1-8CRap- Regular- The Rams are charging in, yeah we’re here for the win2-8CRap- Regular- Flawless and so fabulous, Rams will inspire. Wherever that bar is set, we will take you higher. 4countRap- RegularHillcrest Rams
2021-03-09 12:52:56MidloTrojans03/12/20212WET4countRap- RegularMidlo Trojans4countRap- RegularTrojans
2021-03-02 15:33:53Fame AllstarsDrama Queens03/05/20213WET4countRap- RegularDrama Queens2-8CRap- RegularSave the drama for your mama, bow down to the crown. Roll out the red carpet, Valley divas work it out2-8CRap- RegularYes I am a Drama Queen, that means you bow to me. And that crown fits just right, reppin' F-A-M-E
2021-03-02 15:31:47Fame AllstarsSavage03/05/20212WET4countRap- RegularSavage2-8CRap- RegularFame is taking over so prepare for your defeat. It's about to get savage, you know we can't be beat.
2021-03-01 15:40:50RCAGenerals03/05/20213WET4countRap- RegularIntroducing the Generals 1-8CRap- RegularSalute to the Generals of RCA1-8CRap- RegularIn the red white and blue, Generals are commanding you
2021-02-10 14:31:38Charlotte UltimateMajesty02/11/20212WET4countRap- RegularMajesty1-8CRap- RegularMajesty is unstoppable, step to us impossible
2020-12-09 11:46:55Richmond Twisters N/A12/16/20203WET2-8CRap- RegularCyclones, hey Cyclones, now it’s time to own it. United as one, our new journey has begun.2-8CRap- RegularThe spirit of a Twister will not be outdone. No forecast is needed, cuz we already won.2-8CRap- RegularWhen Junior Lightning strikes, there should be no surprise. It’s our time to shine, Twister fire in our eyes
2020-12-09 06:22:23Flip N CheerN/A12/16/2020WET4countRap- RegularTo God be the glory1-8CRap- RegularCrowns up, we got this, it’s Royalty can’t stop this 1-8CRap- RegularOnly true Royalty can enter our kingdom1-8CRap- RegularThese Legacy Mighty Mermaids are all the rage1-8CRap- RegularIt’s Faith over everything, you can’t handle what we bring1-8CRap- RegularWe are the ladies of Legacy Faith
2020-11-13 11:01:55Cats CheerleadingN/A11/23/2020WET1-8CRap- RegularWe’re tearin’ up the mat, yeah the cats are all that1-8CRap- RegularShade Cats are trending, your moment is ending1-8CRap- RegularIt’s about to go down, we’re the team to beat we wear that crown1-8CRap- RegularLadies be legendary, show them who’s the best1-8CRap- RegularL-A-D-Y Lady Cats we are so fly2-8CRap- RegularThese Queen Cats rule the world, we’re back to let you know. If you step into the ring with us, you’ll get that TKO
2020-11-11 13:10:27Lexington CatholicLady Knights11/17/20203WET4countRap- RegularLexington Catholic1-8CRap- RegularKnights Unite, we will win this fight 1-8CRap- RegularPut down my armor and place my crown, Lady Knights we run this town
2020-11-11 06:48:10TGCMist11/13/20203WET4countRap- Regular- Mist1-8CRap- Regular- We risin’ to the top, TGC don’t stop 1-8CRap- Regular- The mist is forming, and this is your warning
2020-11-03 08:24:02Cheer Gym BerlinNovas11/09/20203WET2-8CRap- RegularCheer Gym Berlin is perfection at its finest. We’re sassy and so confident, now bow down to your highness1-8CRap- RegularYou’ve been told, these Novas want the gold1-8CRap- RegularWe are the ladies of Cheer Gym Berlin
2020-10-28 19:01:37Charlotte UltimateEmpress / Queens11/03/20204WET1-8CRap- RegularCharlotte yeah we're workin' it, these Queens are oh so ultimate1-8CRap- RegularYou can't mess with the royal blue and gold1-8CRap- RegularEmpress is unstoppable, step to us impossible1-8CRap- RegularCUC yeah we rep the royal family
2020-10-21 17:45:59Perfect Storm10/27/20204WET1-8CRap- RegularIf you’re lookin’ for a hero, the name is Subzero.1-8CRap- RegularWe are perfect, Subzero let’s work it.1-8CRap- RegularPrepare for defeat, you will feel Extreme Heat.1-8CRap- RegularPerfect Storm, let’s bring that hot fiyah.
2020-10-15 11:00:55CheerVIBEKarma10/20/20203WET1-8CRap- RegularWe're lightin' up this venue, cuz Karma's on the menu!1-8CRap- RegularYou know you can't deny, you feel the Cheer Vibe!2-8CRap- RegularWe're servin' up the Karma, you'll get what you deserve. You thought that you could come for us, but you don't have the nerve!
2020-10-02 07:54:59All Star One10/19/20201WET1-8CRap- RegularAll red everything, we're burnin' up and we want that ring
2020-10-02 07:54:15All Star One10/19/20206WET1-8CRap- RegularThese Mini Missiles are serving your dismissals 1-8CRap- RegularThese divas got the flavor, we are the ones you favor1-8CRap- RegularLittle lights work, we salsa and go berserk1-8CRap- RegularAll Star One, these little lights gonna have some fun1-8CRap- RegularRed is now hot, we're taking over that top spot1-8CRap- RegularYou can't handle this red hot fire
2020-10-02 07:51:28All Star One10/19/20205WET1-8CRap- RegularWhen we snap we don't miss, that's why you can't resist1-8CRap- RegularWe're about to break it down, bring the party to your town1-8CRap- RegularAll Star One, this Jersey crew has just begun1-8CRap- RegularJunior bang we're the bomb, and we got it goin' on2-8CRap- RegularAll Star One, dressed in that red and blue. We are the pinwheels, girl who are you?
2020-10-02 07:48:29All Star One10/12/20206WET4countRap- RegularSí, se puede4countRap- RegularIt's a team fuse party4countRap- RegularA-S-1 here we go1-8CRap- RegularCode 3 a perfect 10, it's time to dream again1-8CRap- RegularAll Star One so explosive, m80s you know this1-8CRap- RegularDream again let's go, we snap and take control
2020-09-30 17:57:46All Star One10/12/20201WET
2020-09-08 22:12:26CheerVibeJealousy09/21/20202WET2-8CRap- RegularWe inspire your team, that much you should know.. Cheer Vibe is on top, and we run the show.2-8CRap- RegularWe don’t pay no mind to all the haters and the doubters, it’s Cheer Vibe baby we’re Jealousy we got the power
2020-09-08 22:10:30CheerVIBEFate09/21/20202WET2-8CRap- RegularThis squad is so unstoppable, invincible, and perfect. Our fate is written in the stars.. now watch me work it2-8CRap- RegularIt’s our destiny and fate to be the very best, these Cheer Vibe divas are a step above the rest.
2020-09-08 22:07:36CheerVIBEEnvy09/21/20202WET2-8CRap- Regular“We know we got you envious, but our style can’t be copied. It’s Cheer Vibe we’re going live, and you just can’t stop me”2-8CRap- RegularAll you do is envy us cuz we’ve got the skill, and we’re headed for the top take that trophy yes we will
2020-08-21 10:40:21Floresville HighTigers08/31/20201WET1-8CRap- RegularIt’s family y’all, period, we’ll show you who’s the best
2020-08-21 10:38:16Clover High SchoolBlue Eagles08/31/20202WET1-8CRap- RegularBlue Eagles in the sky, we soar high and stay fly1-8CRap- RegularClover is back again, we came for the win
2020-03-04 11:03:24Test ASTest03/11/20201WET2-8CRap- Regular"This is just a test Better than the rest"
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