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3031Impact of Cationic Lysine Residues on the Endosomal Escape Rate of Nucleic Acid NanocapsulesEmilySzydloSzydlo_CSEF_Poster.pdf (1.01 MB)
3009Implementing Nontoxic Modified Biochar Enhanced Filtration for the Efficient Removal of Emerging Contaminants in an Aqueous SolutionSnigthaMohanrajScience_Board_CSEF_2022.pdf (1.48 MB)
Research_Paper_CSEF_2022.pdf (955 KB)
Lab_Notebook_CSEF_2022.pdf (2.44 MB)
2006Catalace: Combining Conventional Artificial Intelligence Algorithms with Precision Medicine Data to Accurately Diagnose Cervical CancerEthanJosephCT_Science_Fair_Presentation.pdf (288 KB)
6058The Manufacture and Expanded Function of a Locking Container to Eliminate the Distraction of Phones While DrivingScottLowderScott_Lowder-_CSEF_Poster_Presentation_2021-2022_oDzA.pdf (3.90 MB)
Scott_Lowder-_CSEF_Research_Plan_2021-2022.pdf (43 KB)
3099Impact of COVID Pandemic on College Applications for students with lower social economic status EvanHuangScience_Fair_Evan_Huang-2022.pdf (236 KB)
6057The Development of an Inexpensive, Simple and Effective Application of Off the Grid Solar Disinfection of Potable WaterAllisonGreenberg Allison_Greenberg_CT_Science_Fair_Presentation_1.pdf (628 KB)
6063Utilizing Rooftop Gardens as a Means of Geothermal Cooling and Heating for Buildings Through Ground to Air Heat Transfer SystemsAidanKingAidan_King_presentation_FINAL.pdf (508 KB)
5525Pellet - “O” - Trap: Capturing Plastic Pellets Through a Multi-Filter System and Analyzing their Progression Using Binary Image Processing Sia Reddy Sia_Reddy_Board_--_CT_Science_Fair_2021-22.pdf (3.62 MB)
Sia_Reddy_Paper_--_CT_Science_Fair_2021-22.pdf (1.92 MB)
Sia_Reddy_Log_--_CT_Science_Fair_2021-22.pdf (102 KB)
3516A Comparative Analysis of Denitrifying Bioreactors as an Abatement of Heightened Nitrous Oxide LevelsWilliam KleinFels_Klein_Sci_Res_1.pdf (1.16 MB)
3036The Anticoagulant Blood Mixer and Anti-Stress Device For Patients Donating BloodAna-LoisDavisAna-Lois_Davis_-_February_25_-5.pdf (1.52 MB)
Science_Far_Resarch_Notes-4.pdf (1.41 MB)
The_Anticoagulant_blood_mixer_an_anti-stress_device_for_patients_donating_blood_Research_Interview_Questions-3_J4u1.pdf (820 KB)
6512Utilization of Recycled Materials as an Efficient Insulator for Power Distribution Lines CaseyQuinson6512_Choy_Quinson_CSEF_2022.pdf (3.90 MB)
Connor_and_Casey_PAPER.pdf (4.31 MB)
6022Combating the better than average effect in large scale settings by using perceived driving abilityGrantMillerPoster-2.pptx.jpg (947 KB)
Stats_for_inq_S1_-_Sheet1.pdf (51 KB)
3054Anti-Viral Properties of Ayurvedic Medicines (Ayush Kwath, Ashwagandha, Pippali Churna): Potential for Treatment of COVID-19 Infection?MehrChhatreCSEF_2022_3054.pdf (1.08 MB)
CSEF_Bibliography_2022_3045.pdf (125 KB)
Lab_Notebook_CSEF_2022_3045.pdf (3.33 MB)
6027Simple Remediation of Heavy Metal and Fertilizer Runoff Water Contamination via Carbon Nanotube Infused Pinus Strobus Xylem FiltrationJustinBernsteinJustin_Bernstein_2022_CSEF_Poster_FINAL.pdf (4.44 MB)
Justin_Bernstein_CSEF_Paper_2022_Final.pdf (1.47 MB)
Justin_Bernstein_Notebook_Scan.pdf (1.37 MB)
6078Detection of two host galaxies of 2175 Å quasar dust absorbersBensonWangScience_Fair_2022_1.pdf (2.17 MB)
CT_Science_Fair_Paper_.pdf (1.13 MB)
Code_for_project.pdf (443 KB)
5007Developing Tubing Attachment Methods for Soft Robotics ThomasGerlachPoster_5007.pdf (251 KB)
3043Identification of Druggable Sites and Lead Compounds to Target ORF8 in SARS-CoV-2SibiSatheeshkumar56-Sibi-SatheeshkumarDHS-CSEF2022poster_Fhj6.pdf (591 KB)
4011Flow InfinityRebecca ConroyIMG-0159_YT7b.jpg (3.48 MB)
3510A comparative analysis of the presence of microplastics in soil and rainwater between rural areas, urban areas, and areas adjacent to trash burning facilitiesJacksonWolframTomas_and_Jackson_Board_.pptx.pdf (1.60 MB)
Tomas_and_Jackson_PAPER_2.pdf (3.61 MB)
5513The Rube GoldbergZanriBarnettZ.B._Project.jpg (5 KB)
3504 Potential Impact of Acidity in Culture on Early Stage Artemia Sp. Nauplii RubyHoffman-BlustajnRubyAndGabby.pdf (139 KB)
6005Designing and Developing an Affordable Intelligent (Manned/Unmanned) VTOL Aircraft for Transportation, Search and Rescue HassanAljafar2021-2022_Hassan_Aljafar_Science_Fair_Poster_Board_1.pdf (1.42 MB)
Science_Fair_VTOL_Aircraft_2021-2022_3_compressed.pdf (3.19 MB)
3117Development of a Home N-Terminal Pro-Brain Natriuretic Peptide Assay for Early Detection of Congestive Heart FailureMayaChiravuriMaya_Chiravuri_Poster_CSEF.pdf (1.09 MB)
Maya_Chiravuri_Research_Paper_CSEF.pdf (444 KB)
Maya_Chiravuri_Lab_Notebook.pdf (4.70 MB)
3018Modeling Predator-Prey Relationships of Brine Shrimp and Invasive Water Boatmen to Optimize Ecological StabilityStanleyChoPoster.pdf (707 KB)
Research_Report.pdf (419 KB)
Lab_Notebook.pdf (3.81 MB)
3501 How Can Changing or Adding a Habit to a Daily Routine Reduce the Stress Levels and Improve the Overall Well-Being of Young Adolescent Brains?TemiladeoluwaAdeniranTemi_and_Mari_Science_Fair_Project.pdf (1.75 MB)
Temi_and_Mari_Science_Fair_Research_Paper.pdf (294 KB)
Temi_and_Mari_Science_Fair_Notebook.pdf (460 KB)
6059A Proposal to Use Cost Effective, Eco-friendly, and Stronger Bricks for Modern ConstructionYameenAhmedCT_Science_Fair__2022.pdf (1.73 MB)
6023Effectiveness of Different Coastal Erosion Mitigation Structures at Preventing Hydraulic Action PeterDaniseCoastal_Erosion.pdf (2.47 MB)
3011Selection of High-Affinity scFvs for HPRT by Yeast Surface Display StellaMeier40-Stella-Meier-DarienHS-CTSCIENCE2022poster.pdf (1.14 MB)
5509A Domestic Violence Alerting Device comprised of an Analog Sound Level Meter, OLED Display, and iOS Mobile App built using SwiftSuchitaSrinivasanCSEF_DomesticViolenceDevice.pdf (1.74 MB)
Domestic_Violence_Alerting_Device_Lab_Notebook.pdf (82 KB)
6065A New Hybrid: Harnessing the Power of FrictionMichaelNeissVirtual_Poster_--_Water_Friction_Gen._Connecticut.Science..Engineering.Fair.pdf (483 KB)
PeCS_Data_Notebook_--_MNeiss.pdf (2.17 MB)
6072Absorbing High Concentrations of Nitrogen Using Biochar as a Preventative Measure to Mitigate the Dinoflagellate Karenia brevisKelsey FarberKelsey_Farber_Science_fair_2_1.pdf (422 KB)
5521Alerting Drivers That a Child was Forgotten in a Vehicle With a Circuit Sequence Alert System (CSAS)AndrewPagnotta 2022PosterboardAndrew.pdf (1.79 MB)
Science_fair_2021-2022_Andrew_Pagnotta.pdf (1.55 MB)
6013Optimizing a Portable Vertical Axis Wind Turbine with Improved Construction Methods and Testing of Various AirfoilsBrodeyLuCSEF_Poster_Brodey_Lu.png (2.52 MB)
Brodey_Lu_Research_Plan.pdf (67 KB)
3116Determining the Association Between Commercial Fishing Presence and Mako Shark Locations using GPS Tracking Data. IsabelleBerkeryIsabelle-Berkery-Sacred_Heart-Greenwich-CSEF2022poster.pdf (920 KB)
3068Computational Psychiatry: Application of Machine Learning Method to Analyze Marijuana Addiction and CravingSeanLeeSeanLeeCTScienceFair2022.pdf (1.64 MB)
6505Piezoelectric Wind Harvesting Electrical Energy ConversionDylanPueschelDylan__John_Science_Fair_Poster_Piezoelectricity.jpg (875 KB)
Dylan_Pueschel_-_Engineering_Lab_Notebook_-_2215427-compressed.pdf (426 KB)
6021NeRF-UAV: Inexpensive 3-D Reconstruction and View Synthesis Using RGB Camera Equipped Drones and Neural Radiance FieldsEricSunNerf_Poster_s5dX.pdf (993 KB)
Nerf_Paper.pdf (574 KB)
3003An Investigation on the Multi-Generational Effect of Acidic Soil on the Growth of Brassica rapa CaseyCampelloneCasey_Campellone_-_Capstone_and_Science_Fair_Poster_Template_-_3274560.pdf (1.42 MB)
3502Metal-Mediated Electromagnetic Radiation: Effects on chlorophyll production and overall growth of Medicago Sativa CollinEschrichtHSR_2022_board.pptx.pdf (4.23 MB)
3507Identification and Purification of Algal Supplements as a Means to Reduce Methane Production Within Ruminants JamesO'Connorwhip_james_poster.pdf (2.87 MB)
3052Determining the Availability of Effective Online Triage Resources for Patients at Musculoskeletal Urgent Care Centers AnchalBahel Anchal_Bahel_2022_CSEF.pdf (513 KB)
Anchal_Bahel_CSEF_Report_.pdf (195 KB)
6085The Synthesis and Properties of a Novel Polyester MaterialMary McNultyThe_Properties_and_Synthesis_of_a_Novel_Polyester_Material_Board.pdf (634 KB)
Synthesis_and_Properties_of_a_Novel_Polyester_Material-States_Paper.pdf (135 KB)
3051Computational identification of miRNAs associated with heart tumor and cardiovascular disease JeslynGaoIMG_5543.jpg (1.32 MB)
Lab_notebook.pdf (42 KB)
3025Rapid, Visual Detection of Benadryl Cocktails via Competitive, Amine-Responsive FluorophoresAngelina FogartyAngelina_Fogarty_FINAL_CSEF_POSTER_2022.pdf (4.51 MB)
CSEF_Paper_Final_.pdf (2.96 MB)
Nb_scans_.pdf (3.98 MB)
3098Understanding Attention Span: The Changes, How it Can be Manipulated, and Its Importance TodayZacharyNeissScience_Fair_Poster.pdf (196 KB)
Science_Fair_Bibliography.pdf (47 KB)
5002Citrus Based Super Absorbent Polymers (SAPs) for RemediationAllisonTranIMG_3400.jpg (2.17 MB)
Allison_Tran_Research_Paper.pdf (210 KB)
5516Creating an energy efficient LED light bulb. AlessandroOchoaPresentation_Rk25.pdf (3.01 MB)
1003Hydroponics vs. Potting Soil: Which is Better for Growing Kale in the Winter?CarysWilson5E30CA8C-C867-4154-9637-1BFF6DB30EC2.jpeg (1.36 MB)
3082Forest Restoration after Wildfire: The Effect of the Addition of Saccharides on Seedling Survival After Replanting in Burnt Soil ReginaFinnFinn_R._Tree_Research_2022.pdf (832 KB)
3022Developing and Testing a Novel Acne Reducing Spray for Face Masks and Accessories FrancisCavallaroAcnePosterFrankCavallaro.pdf (1.23 MB)
3060Evaluating Natural Coagulants for the Removal of Various Chemical Pollutants in Water NilanKathirNK_Science_Fair_CTSEF2022-Final.pdf (2.33 MB)
Nilan_Kathir_Research_Report_.pdf (1.86 MB)
Science_Fair_Notebook_1.pdf (63 KB)
3014The Dark Side of Dancing: Are Ballet Dancers More at Risk for Eating Disorders and Negative Self Image?Elizabeth BlairDigital_Poster_Board_SF.pdf (577 KB)
3005The Effects of Green Tea on Beta-Amyloid Induced Alzheimer's disease on neratina reclivataAvery Woodworth Screen_Shot_2022-03-04_at_5.29.24_PM.png (2.40 MB)
6049JARVITS: A Novel Deep Learning IoT Traffic Control System for Real-time Detection and Signal OptimizationRyanKim2022_CSEF_Ryan_Kim_Poster_compressed.pdf (795 KB)
2022_CSEF_Ryan_Kim_Paper_compressed.pdf (719 KB)
5011Coding an Affordable Goat Identification System for All FarmersAveryFowlerAvery_Fowler_CT_Science_Fair_digital_poster_2022.pdf (980 KB)
6064Comparing Various Machine Learning Models while Predicting Taxonomy using Codon CombinationsShriyaJonnalagadda2022_-_Shriya_Jonnalagadda_-_Science_Fair_Poster.pdf (602 KB)
S._Jonnalagadda_-_Science_Fair_Research_Paper_2021-2022.pdf (543 KB)
2001The Effects of Run-off Pollutants on the Harmful Algal Bloom model C. Vulgaris Adithi VariarAV_Science_Fair_2022.pdf (681 KB)
Science_Fair_Project__Adithi.pdf (3.26 MB)
AV_Science_Fair_4.pdf (4.98 MB)
6090The Optimization of a Ground Collision Avoidance System and Application to Inhibit Controlled Flight Into Terrain Accidents For Single Engine Aircraft MasonBeaudette2022_CSEF_Poster_Mason_Beaudette.pdf (1.06 MB)
2022_CSEF_Mason_Beaudette.pdf (77 KB)
3057The effects of different soil environments on the rate of HDPE and LDPE degradation by Bacillus subtilis EdwardParkParkEdward_3057.pdf (630 KB)
Labnotes_EP.pdf (1.18 MB)
6056A Wavelet-based Method for Generalizing Molecular Latent Spaces for Assisted Traversal IanMurdock2021IanCSEF_Poster.pdf (912 KB)
Research_Paper_-_Google_Docs.pdf (1.61 MB)
3521Bacterial Survival: Testing E.Coli K12 Infested ChickenMaryLynchBacterial_Survival_Testing_E.Coli_K12_Infested_Chicken.pdf (513 KB)
4012Does Potato Variety Affect Electrical Output in a Potato Battery?LunaSantiagoDB_Science_Fair_Digital_Board_Final.pdf (357 KB)
6066Using an Artificial Neural Network Modelled After the Human Neocortex to Gain a Better Understanding of How the Neocortex Creates New IdeasAnnikaYunCSEF_2022_Poster.pdf (392 KB)
Research_Report_-_CSEF_2022.pdf (292 KB)
3059The Influence of Social Capital on Covid-19 Vaccine HesitancyZaraHaqueZara_Haque_2022_CSEF_Poster_3-4-22_FINAL_334pm.pdf (1.74 MB)
Zara_Haque_CSEF_Research_Paper.pdf (1.76 MB)
Zara_CSEF_notebook_scan-compressed.pdf (554 KB)
3007Using Pyrethrum Extract From Chrysanthemum cinerariifolium ​As A Natural Insecticide AlbertCapodannoAlbert_Capodanno_CSEF_Poster.pdf (528 KB)
3085Potential Role of Filaggrin within Different Stages of Osteosarcoma MeghanBrinkPotential_Role_of_Filaggrin_within_Different_Stages_of_Osteosarcoma.pdf (1.54 MB)
Original_Research_Proposal_written_in_November.pdf (102 KB)
Notebook_images_CSEF.pdf (1.63 MB)
3115Applying an Integrated Diffusion Framework to Identify Interactions Between Chromatin Regions and Gene Expression using a Multimodal Embryoid Developmental DatasetAnushkaAcharyaSRP_Project_Y3.jpg (760 KB)
Anushka_Acharya_-_Research_Plan_and_Form_1A.pdf (95 KB)
1006Bean MazeTyler BrennanBean_Maze.jpg (2.32 MB)
3048Dangerous and toxic lightening products used in the cosmetology field replaced with natural lighteners in order to provide a safe and effective lightening service without harmful chemicals.RuthPachecoBulletinBoard_Ruth.pdf (65 KB)
4001Ice vs. SubstanceDynasiaNiiAryeeIce_Board.jpg (2.02 MB)
6001Can a Hydrogen Fuel Cells be a Replacement for The Internal Combustion Motor?Benjamin EnglandHHO_Presentation.png (4.54 MB)
Adobe_Scan_Mar_3_2022.pdf (3.72 MB)
3519Project PalingenesisAshleyRamosPalingenesis_Poster.pdf (1.15 MB)
science_fair_report_1.pdf (796 KB)
4014Can You Separate Solids and Liquids Going Down Your Sink?CalebQuinbyScience_fair_board_2022.jpg (585 KB)
6042Controlled Delivery of Sulfoxaflor Pesticide via Cinnamaldehyde-infused Hydrogels to Reduce Toxicity to Honey and Wild Bee Pollinators ElizabethWallaceElizabeth_Wallace_2022_CSEF_Poster_FINAL_2-28-22_703pm_1.pdf (4.69 MB)
CSEF_Research_Paper.pdf (4.41 MB)
Elizabeth_Wallace_Full_Notebook_2022.pdf (3.19 MB)
6020Portable Green Energy Generator and Storing UnitLauraWertalikChristian_Heritage_School_Laura_Wertalik_Science_Fair.png (995 KB)
1013Lemon Juice vs. Vinegar (Volcano Experiment)SarahPersaudChemical_Reactions_Experiment.jpg (2.31 MB)
3107Inhibition of Covid-19-Induced Cell Inflammation Via R-954 B1R Antagonist Disruption of the Bradykinin StormEllaMooreElla_Moore_2022_CSEF_Poster_FINAL_2-28-22_854am.pdf (1.90 MB)
Ella_Moore_2022_CSEF_Paper_11-3-21_1256pm_Final.docx.pdf (3.95 MB)
Moore_2022_CSEF_Notebook.pdf (4.70 MB)
6050On the machine-learning assisted generation of Alcubierre-like spacetime metrics for use in interstellar faster-than-light travelYuxuanSongYuxuan_Song_2022_CSEF_Poster_FINAL_3-1-22.pdf (2.10 MB)
Science_Research_Plan_2022_-_Jacky_Song.pdf (823 KB)
Yuxuan_Song_Combined_2022_Research_Notes.pdf (4.32 MB)
6055Bird Image Recognition Using Neural NetworksLuccaLapierreLucca-Lapierre-Newtown_High_School-CSEF2022poster_1.pdf (215 KB)
2003Amounts of bacteria on Organic and Non-Organic fruits and vegetablesIlana MezheritskiyScience_Fair_Board.jpg (2.59 MB)
Ilana_Mezheritskiy_Paper_xmrK.pdf (91 KB)
Science_Fair_Log.pdf (30 KB)
1014Sodium Bicarbonate As a Cost Effective Way To Raise the pH of SoilsLaineyCzerwiec2022_Science_Fair_Board.pdf (523 KB)
4010Determining the Most Efficient and Effective Method of Filtration for the Purpose of Creating Potable Water RhysWilsonScience_Fair_2022_1.pdf (4.87 MB)
3061A Novel Mitigation Technique to Control the Spread of the Invasive Spotted Lanternfly (L.delicatula) Through Cardiac Glycoside Extracts CooperCarrCooper_Carr_CSEF_Poster_e.pdf (534 KB)
5004Magic Of The EvidenceAlexisBourque20220303_211221.jpg (2.80 MB)
3515Biodegradation of Polystyrene by Bacteria Found In The Gut of Tenebrio Molitor LarvaeToriSimmonsBiodegradtion_of_Polystyrene_by_Bacteria_Found_In_The_Gut_of_Tenebrio_Molitor_Larvae-_Sara_Smith__Tori_Simmons.pdf (1.72 MB)
Research_Paper-_Sara_Smith_and_Tori_Simmons.pdf (4.71 MB)
3072Examining the Use of Navicula Sp. as an Alternative Organic FertilizerDevonMansfieldDevon_Mansfield_-_Capstone_and_Science_Fair_Poster_Template_-_3434370.png (1.47 MB)
Research_Plan.pdf (45 KB)
3006The Use of Secondary Plant Metabolites to Reduce Pseudogymnoascus destructans Transmission Among North American Bats GraceHiltonGrace_Hilton_CSEF_Poster.pdf (1.09 MB)
2010Mealybug Management 101 A Study of Houseplant Pest Treatment Options AvniManishMealybug_Management_101_Poster_i3Sy.pdf (2.77 MB)
Research_Report_Avni_Manish_-_A_Study_of_Houseplant_Pest_Treatment_Options.pdf (239 KB)
6092Correlation Between Rainfall and Dissolved Oxygen in Local New Haven Waterways: A Predictive Model for Human Impact on this SystemTamzinMaines6092_Maines_-_Sound_2022.pdf (796 KB)
6092_Maines_-_Sound_2022_-_Paper.pdf (279 KB)
1018Hand Soap vs. Hand SanitizerAviannaFosterHand_Sanitizer_vs._Hand_Soap.jpg (1.85 MB)
1009Best Plants for Short Term GrowthElliot Nerenbergimage_u42s.jpg (2.39 MB)
1008Will Pill Bugs React to Music Anna Burnham Pillbug.pdf (1.05 MB)
1002Optimum Composting For Eisenia Fetida sage pierce science_fair_board_.pdf (1.05 MB)
5522The Connection Between Coronal Mass Ejections and SunspotsMarcusRosarioMarcus_Rosario_Poster_Board_CMEs_and_Sunspots.pdf (883 KB)
5517The Impact of Acetic‌ ‌Acid‌ ‌and‌ ‌Citric‌ ‌Acid‌ ‌on‌ ‌the‌ ‌Integrity‌ ‌(Flexibility)‌ ‌of‌ ‌Plastic‌ AidenMcAllisterAiden_McAllister_-_Science_Fair_poster.pdf (425 KB)
3047Positive Reinforcement of Invasive Species Populations Through Manipulation of Microclimate by Berberis thunbergii, Amynthas agrestis, and Lumbricus terrestris Charlotte SimariCSEF_poster.pdf (593 KB)
abstract_qL2D.pdf (35 KB)
3109Utilizing Micronutrient  Activity to Facilitate Metabolic Reprogramming in Mucopolysaccharidosis Type IIIA KaileySmithCSEF_Poster_Board_Kailey_Smith_3_4_22.pdf (595 KB)
KS_Lab_notebook.pdf (2.03 MB)
5008Underground LifeOwenNicholasIMG_0345_iQ6P.jpg (3.94 MB)
1016Improving Composting in the Winter MonthsDelaineyPappasScience_Fair_Board-2.pdf (657 KB)
6017Developing A Plant Based Sustainable And Renewable Replacement For A Polychloroprene Fabrication​AngelaFerraroFerraro_Angela_Posterboard_1.pdf (568 KB)
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