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3077Are Phones Bad for You?ZaidChoudhry
6047Artificial Intelligence Medical Question-answering RobotYiyaQi
6018Eco-friendly Remediation of Arsenic and Phosphates from Contaminated Water Resources Using Iron Fortified Spinach Roots and Biochar ElizabethWallace
6072Exoskeleton Hand Based on MMG Signals for Partially Paralyzed PatientsSiyiLu
6056Identifying the effects of radiofrequency-electromagnetic fields on small insects and locating high RF-EMF zones in the environment.​AkiTsutsumi
3521Effect of Microplastics on the Regeneration of OrganismsAshleyRinaldi
3014Combatting Nitrogen Pollution and Eutrophication Using Denitrifying BioreactorsJessicaWu
6075Wildlife Recognition from Camera Trap Data using Computer Vision AlgorithmsYuanqin (Albert)Dai
3074Implications of Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors Used Primarily for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer on Various Bodily Systems Predicted Through Pathway Functions and Gene Expression.SarahAdams
6092The Core of Neptune: Discovery of the First Sub-Neptune Planet with a Stripped EnvelopeDavidZhou
6025The Manufacture and Performance Evaluation of a Locking Container to Eliminate the Distraction of Phones While DrivingScottLowder
6508The Development of an Auto-Disable Syringe to Combat the Spread of Bloodborne Diseases via Intravenous Injection Drug Use AidanMarks
3020Design of a Rapid Sensitive SARS Cov-2 Nucleocapsid Single-Antigen COVID-19 Luminescent Detection CardStevenBlank
6069Comparing Algorithms to Solve the Exact Cover Problem with SudokuAreshPourkavoos
6001Finding optimal size for pooled testing of SARS-CoV-2 JerryLi
6083Comparing the Efficiency of Autonomous and Regular Vehicles With New RequestsDanlinLuo
3041Optogenetic Stimulation of Neurons in the Brain to Treat Parkinson's DiseaseAbigailBouton
6085Hazel, an olfactory mood enhancer, alarm clock, and safety monitor.JiwoongPark
3021The Cognitive Abilities of Bearded DragonsGiulianaSquatrito
6095A Novel Method of Identifying Redox and Non-Redox Chemical ReactionsVincentZhu
3067Determining the Proliferation of Cellular Oxidative Stress through Blue Light Induced ROS Formation GabriellaSilva
6502The Drinker DehumidifierRohanMistry
3069Evaluation of a Model for Urban Vegetation Barriers Effects on Air Pollution RayNassar
3019The Impact of Anti-Discrimination Legislation on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Based Hate Crimes SophieMorris
3091Active Aeration of Hydroponic SystemsAndrewMcLaughlin
6065Examining the Relationship Between Labor Cost and Firm Strategy Through Mixed Methods Content Analysis on Panel Data and SEC FilingsAdityaKabra
3052Evaluating the Intraspecific Relationship and Reciprocal Reaction Within Group Learning Shark Behavior Patterns​ClaytonNyiri
2520Heart Rate Recovery Timestatianafrouge
6520Biomimicry of Baleen Whales to Remove Microplastics from WaterJennyGuo
5008Remote Learning on a BudgetJosephBenin
3104Designing a Blood Alcohol Tracker through Transdermal Alcohol Content to More Accurately Test BAC WilliamKlein
6096Using Solar Simulation to Quantify Photochemical Degradation Rates of MicroplasticsHannahMacDonald
6024Development of a Low-Cost, Expandable Boot Aimed to Adjust to Multiple Sizes and Last Multiple Years AditiChalasani
3515The Striking Strawkin DuoNikhitaBolineni
6036 Improving Quality and Speed of Drone 3-D Mapping during Disaster Response SandeshRamesh
5007Lights On...or... Lights Off – A Study of Energy Consumption and ConservationAndrewPagnotta
3040An Economically Feasible Application of Germicidal Irradiation to Personal Protective EquipmentJackson Fels
3011Spider Silk Amino Acid Composition and its Impact on Structure Function: A Novel Computational ApproachHelenaServin-DeMarrais
3047Extensive Look Into the Rising Maternal Mortality of African American and Factors Behind It LailaLawson
6015Design Study: Downsizing Nuclear Fusion Devices to a more Manageable ScaleJakeAmara
6080Grass VS Artificial Turf FieldJustynPeralta
3514Regenerating Transformed Plant Cells Expressing Algal Cytochrome C6 to Increase Photosynthetic Yield in Plants MaxKonzerowsky
3112Optimal Light Conditions for the Growth of Biofuel AlgaeIsabelEdelstein
3027Investigating the Efficacy of Cannabidiol on the Elongation Time of the Coagulation Cascade to Mitigate Intravascular Clots​ ​Maria ElenaDos Santos
2004Aquaponics Compared to Traditional Soil Based FarmingSarahMartin
6032Gravity-Assisted Energy Conversion: Improving the Feasibility of Mechanically Powered Electricity GeneratorsAimanAnuar
3032The Effects of a Bacillus and Trichoderma Inoculant and Lepidium sativum on the pH and Microbial Recolonization of Low Intensity Burned Soil Alexandra Hamza
3081Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Swimming Athletic Performance EvanHuang
6042Natural Lubricant Substitute for Railroad ApplicationsDavid Boudreau
6050System for Underwater Passive Identification of Acoustic Signatures of the Delphinapterus leucasIshaMendiratta
2016Do You Get More Bees With Honey? JasonSpiers
3504Development of a WatchOS Application that uses HRV and Vibrational Pulses to Reduce StressSheehanMunim
6501Recirculating Water Shower SystemMylesSpiess
6044Towards Clean Energy via Radioactivity: An Investigation of the Dissipation of Electrons in an Ultra High Vacuum Environment LukeApostolides
3072Efficacy of Dissolved Flavonoid Supplements in Chelating Iron (II) in a SolutionPaigeGagnon
6061Creating an Algorithm that Automatically Scores Tissue Images Like a PathologistIrisYan
3038Which Is The More Efficient At Bioremediating Oil Spills While Factoring In Fresh And Marine Environments, Algae Or Oil Hungry Bacteria? AntoniosBoudreau
6023Improving and Designing Renewable Technology... even when the sun doesn’t shineMichaelNeiss
1006Studying Four Climate Change Factors that Impact Plant GrowthDavidIsaacs
6020Design and Fabrication of a Thermoelectric Generator to Charge a Phone Using Simple Fuels for Remote Areas NathanNagel
6035How Holidays Impacted the Spread of COVID-19 in the United States: An Exploratory Analysis JasonLi
6516An Investigation of Current-Powered, Aquatic Turbines as an Alternative Energy SourceTeddyDanforth
3002Exploring p53 Mutation Status and Clinical Outcome in Ovarian Cancer DevansiSinha
2504Does Personality Type or Demographics Correlate to Types of Emotional Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic?KaliKapilotis
3079Investigating Interplay between Amyloid-β and Tau and its Contribution to Neuroinflammation in Alzheimer's Disease ProgressionAvniKabra
6007Utilization of Self- Sanitizing Hydraulic Arm for Reduction of Illness TransmissionHaleyYoung
2519Can Trust Kill? Covid-19 & Social CapitalZaraHaque
3506Density of Microplastics: An investigation to determine concentration in the dorsal tissue of Morone saxatilis Tomas Delgado
3075A Photonic Crystal-based, Non-Invasive, Color-Changing Sensor for Detection of Salivary SOD2, for Diagnosis of Hepatocellular CarcinomaHallaClausi
2505Farmer's Market vs. Supermarket Vegetables: Which has higher nutritional content?EmersonBaltrukonis
2007The Effect of the Bee Box Volume on the Temperature and Volume of a Wintering Hive.LucaLaRosa
3099The Study of Demodex Folliculorum and Demodex Brevis Mite Population and Bacteria Growth in Relation to Wearing a Face MaskAna-LoisDavis
6515Reduction of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide via Production of Ammonium Carbonate: The Creation of a Novel, Aqueous Carbon Sink HenrySorbaro
3086 Examining the energy efficiency of variations of Synechocystis nigrescens bioinks in biophotovoltaic cellsYoungjuJang
3009Exploring Earthworm Ecotype: Carbon Source or Sink?LillianKane
6504Creation of a Malleable Hydrogel for Long-Term Wound Treatment JohnBrown
2003Does Gender Affect Smiling?AmarisDeRosia-Estwick
3080A Natural Remedy to Decrease AsthmaShahmimaAkther
6005Accessible program and system to accurately align a star tracking mount using a DSLR camera.SamStaubly
6082Comparison of Chemical Exposure from Face Mask Materials Before and After Washing TreatmentsAllisonSu
4007What Are The Effects Of Water Depth On TsunamisBenjaminWerner
6034Designing a Data-collecting Robotic System to Help Negate the Effects of Eutrophication RyanKulsakdinun
3501The Effect of Age and Routine Exercise on the Risk and Development of Dementia EmmaDaugherty
3078Using Deep Learning to Efficiently Quantify the Impact of Road Salt Runoff on the Swim Performance of Wood Frog TadpolesMasonZhang
2011The Effects of UV Light on Bacteria From a Horse BitSophiaBlumenreich
3053The Effect of Artificial and Natural Lighting on Dinoflagellate Growth and BioluminescenceSamary Nieves
5516Fingerprint PreservationMelindaDas
6039Creating a Smaller and More Portable Vertical Axis Wind Turbine to Increase Accessibility and Usage of Wind Energy Harvesting DevicesBrodeyLu
3070Proteomic Analysis Reveals Novel Biomarkers for Type 2 DiabetesMarkWang
3101Applications of Artificial Intelligence in the Evaluation of Brain Tumors Using Positron Emission Tomography (PET)JuliaShatalov
6013Unveiling Lost Galaxies: Studying the hidden galaxies of 2175 Å dust absorbersBensonWang
3037Rapid, Noninvasive, Fluorescence-Based Detection for Elevated Levels of Nitric Oxide in Exhaled Breath, As a Marker for Hazardous PM2.5 Exposure AmbikaGrover
6063Development of an autonomously navigating robot capable of conversing and scanning body temperature to help screen for COVID-19RyanKim
5504The Effect of an Insulator with Styrofoam on the Temperature Difference in Celsius Between Two Pieces of Cardboard. Christopher Tomas Borges
6517Creating a Renewable Energy System Powered by Pressurized Gas to Limit Production of Greenhouse Gases HunterSpiess
3056Synthesis and Evaluation of Recombinant Therapeutic Antibodies for Metastatic Breast CancerNathanAzimov
6077Using SiO2 Spray to Reduce Microplastics Dissolved Into the OceansLeoSoutham
3092Improving the physical and mental health of astronauts with plantsSarahMichael
3061Elucidating the Role of IRX1 in Metastatic Osteosarcoma through Network Cross AnalysisSoniaGhoshal
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