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 Gym NameTeam NameNeed ByHow many vocals in this order?RUSH ORDER?Type of VocalType of VocalType of Vocal------------------NEW VOCAL...LengthType of VocalInformation / LyricsSample or IntrumentalAttachmentAttachment------------------NEW VOCAL...LengthType of VocalInformation / LyricsSample or IntrumentalAttachmentAttachment------------------NEW VOCAL...LengthType of VocalInformation / LyricsSample or IntrumentalAttachmentAttachment
Diamond AthleticsFlawless09/28/20212RapRap
World Class AthleticsBlack Diamonds09/28/20213RapRapRap
Nashua South High SchoolPanthers09/28/20212RapRap
Python All-StarsMojave Pythons or just "Mojave"09/27/20212RapRap
Upstate Spirit StarzNova09/17/20214RapRapRap------------------------------------------------------2-8CRap***THIS IS THE OPENING!! Senior level, all-girl team. Colors: red, white and blue Style: Cocky/confident THEME: "Deep Space- More than you can imagine" IDEAS: - Anything space-related that can go with the theme and be an intro <3 The athletes want a dark more drastic tone to their music this year. This is their first year in the Senior division and they want heavy drastic music. They like sassy too.
Fusion Elite All-StarsFrenzy09/17/20213RapRapRap
Fusion Elite All-StarsC409/17/20213RapRapRap
Fusion Elite All-StarsImpulse09/15/20212RapRap
Raleigh Elite DiamondsReckless09/13/20212RapRap
Bannon's Cheer ForceJedis09/13/20212RapRap
Planet CheerGravity09/08/20211Rap
Planet CheerElectra09/08/20212RapSing
Crimson HeatTribe09/08/20211Rap
Liberty High SchoolRed Devils09/06/20212RapRap
Midwest Cheer Elite ClevelandHail08/31/20211Rap
Midwest Cheer Elite ClevelandAvalanche08/31/20211Sing
Planet SpiritThunder08/30/20213RapRapRap
Planet SpiritFreeze08/30/20213RapRapSing
Planet SpiritFog08/23/20211
Brookings High SchoolBobcats08/13/20213
Liberty Cheer All-StarsFame08/10/20211
Crimson HeatRage08/08/20211
Crimson HeatMayhem08/09/20211
Crimson HeatVengeance07/29/20213
Crimson HeatFury07/29/20211
Athletix UnitedHot Tamales07/30/20211
Sioux Valley High SchoolCossacks07/26/20211
World Cup All-StarsVenus07/25/20211
Xtreme SpiritTiny Tiaras07/16/20211
Chesapeake EliteLady Lux06/28/20212
Chesapeake EliteIce Reign06/28/20211
Fusion Elite((none))06/25/20211
Martins Ferry High SchoolPurple Riders06/20/20211
FULL OUT8 Count Track05/19/20212YES, PLEASE RUSH THIS! Adding $20 for Rush Fee!
FULL OUT8 Count Track05/19/20212YES, PLEASE RUSH THIS! Adding $20 for Rush Fee!
Essex Tech High SchoolHawk05/02/20211
Five Star AthleticsSenior Chrome03/24/20211
Star AthleticsTryout Track03/18/20211YES, PLEASE RUSH THIS! Adding $20 for Rush Fee!
World Cup AllstarsTryout Track03/16/20211
Infinity AllstarsLady Jags03/11/20211
Cheer-Tastics CrushCode 602/27/20211
Extreme Force AllstarsTsunami02/19/20211
Outlaw Cheer AthleticsSassy Belles02/16/20211
Outlaw Cheer AthleticsEnvy02/16/20211
CDA XtremeCode Black02/15/20213
CDA XtremeEnvy02/15/20212
CDA XtremeBelieve02/15/20211
Dreamz Elite All StarsQueen Bees02/07/20211
Mountain Vista High SchoolEagles02/01/20211
Coastal Elite All StarsDiamonds12/07/20201
Rockstar Cheer ArizonaJourney12/07/20201
SWX AthleticsCode Black12/01/20201
Raleigh Elite DiamondsRage12/01/20201
Fury Athletics of MadisonRespect11/23/20201
Fury Athletics of MadisonLove11/23/20201
Fusion Elite All StarsFrenzy11/21/20203
Fusion Elite All StarsInferno11/20/20201
World Cup AllstarsAurora11/13/20201
Upstate Spirit StarzShining Starz11/17/20202
Pennsylvania Elite CheerleadingGeneration X11/17/20201
Roanoke Elite All StarsStunners11/15/20202
Roanoke Elite All StarsSavage11/14/20201
Callaway Middle SchoolCavaliers11/11/20201
Cheer CrazeCat-511/10/20201
World Cup All StarsAurora11/09/20201
World Cup All StarsVenus11/09/20201
World Class AthleticsWhite Diamonds11/09/20201
World Class AthleticsEmeralds11/09/20201
Central Mass AthleticsDiamond Cats11/06/20201
Central Mass AthleticsBlack Diamonds11/06/20201
Northern EliteArctic Freeze11/05/20201
World Class AthleticsBlack Diamonds11/04/20203
River City AllstarsLunachicks10/29/20201YES, PLEASE RUSH THIS! Adding $20 for Rush Fee!
Northern EliteSurge11/02/20202
Magnolia Athletic CompanyPoppy10/30/20201
Magnolia Athletic CompanyIvy10/28/20201
Legend AthleticsDiamonds10/26/20202
Top Gun All StarsHalo 410/27/20201
Top Gun All StarsJunior Royale10/26/20201
Bridgeport HSBulldogs10/26/20201
Indian Creek High School10/26/20201
Royalty Sports CompanyThe Conquerors10/26/20201
Liberty Cheer AllstarsUnited10/21/20201
Liberty Cheer AllstarsPatriots10/20/20201
Extreme Force AllstarsPhoenix10/19/20201
Ohio Valley All StarsPhoenix10/19/20202
Diamond AthleticsBling10/20/20201
Power Haus CheerCode Black10/18/20201
Extreme Force AllstarsReign10/19/20203
Edison High SchoolWildcats10/16/20201
Coastal Elite All StarsEmeralds10/16/20201
Liberty Cheer AllstarsBlue Angels10/16/20201
River City All StarsLady Sizzle10/13/20201
River City All StarsHot Shots10/12/20201
Liberty High School Red Devils10/11/20202
GU ShamrocksLady Luck10/10/20202
GU ShamrocksEmeralds10/09/20201
Nashua South High SchoolPanthers10/08/20202
306 EliteFame10/03/20201
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