PCM Orders for MIKE

 Order #Gym/School Name + Mascot Name:Selected MIKE MixLength:Exclusive Length:EXCLUSIVE SETEXCL!! ADD NAME: How you w...EXCL!!! ADD SFX: How shoul...EX CHANGE/ADD VOCALS: How ...EX CHANGE/ADD VOCALS: Indic...EX Price for Custom Add OnEX LOWER MUSIC FOR CHEER: D...EX CUSTOM ADD ON: Please de...EX SHORTEN MIX: How should...EX CHANGE TEMPO: New SpeedEX SPLIT MIX: Where should...DUE DATE:% Discounted?Producer Payout:PCM Payout
2678.1West Halifax Cheer WONDERKids Rule1:3012/19/201910151.2064.80
2697Iconic Cheer Elite Brooklyn's FinestCategory Is2:0012/24/20190210.0090.00
2668.2Queen City Storm Frost BiteNever Scared2:0012/19/20193596.2541.25
2673.1Kids Spot AS Precious PearlsAll That Glitters1:3012/14/20190105.0045.00
2668.2Queen City Storm Frost BiteNever Scared2:00
2665.2Energetic Edge EnspireAll That Glitters2:0012/14/20193596.2541.25
2658CDA Xtreme Meltdowns Kids Rule1:3012/13/20193584.8836.37
2643.2Ozark AS Athletics Tiny SparkleAll That Glitters1:3012/06/201935115.5049.50
2608Station AS Mini MajesticAll That Glitters2:3011/21/20190150.5064.50
2457Immanuel Lutheran EaglesBring The Boom1:0011/07/2019098.0042.00
2575Langley Cheer MckenzieLook Who's Back1:0011/04/2019098.0042.00
2568Jerzey Jewelz GlitzYas Kween2:0011/03/20190150.5064.50
2536Clearview Pioneers Mini ExplorersAll That Glitters2:0010/26/20190122.5052.50
2498KCK Wildfire TealKids Rule1:3010/16/20190115.5049.50
2488Extreme Athletics Hot ShotsAll That Glitters2:3010/14/201910173.2574.25
2486.1North Reading HornetsKids Rule1:3010/10/201910176.7575.75
2471Dynasty Cheer AS Little LeadKids Rule2:3010/10/201910138.2559.25
2420New Bedford BearsStar Quality1:3009/26/20195111.1347.63
2430North Reading HornetsKids Rule1:3009/27/20190150.5064.50
2428Rockets Cheerleading AtomicEXCLUSIVE: Comeback2:30EX Add Gym & Team NameAtomic, Rockets Cheerleading Atomic, Rockets Cheerleading.09/27/20190350.00150.00
2421ADC Cheer Stronger Together2:0009/24/20190133.0057.00
2383.1Southern Tier Starlites LunaAll That Glitters2:0009/18/20190133.0057.00
2379MS Elite AubreeLook Who's Back1:0009/15/2019098.0042.00
2379.1MS Elite NyKendraYas Kween1:0009/15/2019098.0042.00
2376.1Cheer Pro Athletics Tiny TurtlesKids Rule1:3009/14/20190115.5049.50
2374Xtreme AS SovereigntyLook Who's Back2:3009/14/20190150.5064.50
2366Hollister VikingsBring The Boom2:3009/12/20190220.5094.50
2357.1PSA DivasAll That Glitters2:0008/28/20190133.0057.00
2342Xtreme AS EmpressessGame On2:3009/01/20190150.5064.50
2345Thunder Extreme Baby BoltsKids Rule1:3009/01/20190115.5049.50
2336Cheernastics Tiny RascalsKids Rule2:0008/30/20190133.0057.00
2296.2CA Stars SparklesAll That Glitters2:3008/26/20190150.5064.50
2312Dream Team AS Mini BossKids Rule2:0008/23/201910122.5052.50
2282.1Blaze Elite SparklersAll That Glitters1:3008/11/20190133.0057.00
2280.1Fury Athletics of Madison UnityStronger Together2:0008/10/201910122.5052.50
2280Fury Athletics of Madison FaithYas Kween2:0008/10/201910122.5052.50
2275Planet Spirit Rising StarsStar Quality2:3008/08/20190150.5064.50
2255.2Basel's Stars Cheer Shining StarsStar Quality1:3007/29/20195109.7347.02
2242.2Miss Dana's Diamonds Tiny TrinketsKids Rule1:3007/22/201910133.0057.00
2242.2Miss Dana's Diamonds Tiny TrinketsKids Rule1:30
2237.1Greensboro AS StarLitesStar Quality1:3007/19/20190115.5049.50
2218.1360 Athletics ShimmerKids Rule1:3007/17/201910106.7545.75
2190Clinton TigersHave Faith2:3006/21/20190168.0072.00
2133Galaxy AS The Big BangKids Rule1:3003/01/2019
2127Spirit Central Platinum CatsLook Who's Back2:0002/24/2019
2118California Bombshellz Youth KarmaNever Scared2:3002/14/2019
2105Rockstar Cheer Atlanta South PinkYas Kween2:0002/10/2019
2080Forgotten Coast Athletics Tiny SnappersKids Rule1:0001/25/2019
1998.2Queen City Storm Snow FlurriesKids Rule2:0001/21/2019
1998.1Queen City Storm IceYas Kween2:0001/21/2019
2069LA AS StarburstsKids Rule1:3001/20/2019
2061Pyramid Athletics Golden GirlsKids Rule1:3001/10/2019
2038Cheernastics Parent TeamStronger Together2:0012/20/2018
2031.2West Halifax Cheer SparkStronger Together1:3012/20/2018
2014Merrimack Valley PrideStar Quality2:3012/13/2018
2010CA Stars Tiny DivasAll That Glitters1:3012/09/2018
1999.1West Hants MS SabersStar Quality2:3012/08/2018
1999Central Kings GatorsCategory Is2:3012/08/2018
2005Team Illinois Cheer Tiny ZebrasKids Rule1:3012/08/2018
2001.2Gems Cheer Royals ELIAll That Glitters1:0012/06/2018
1989Central Mass Athletics Sapphire CatsStronger Together2:3012/06/2018
1978Jerzey Jewelz SparklesAll That Glitters2:0012/01/2018
1969The Cheer Hive Mini StingerzAll That Glitters1:3011/29/2018
1962United Elite RaindropsKids Rule1:3011/26/2018
1950Gems Cheer Royals MAJESTICYas Kween2:0011/23/2018
1946West Halifax Cheer DEVOTIONYas Kween2:3011/22/2018
1925Quest Athletics Tiny ForceStronger Together1:3011/08/2018
1891Okaloosa County Royal SparklersAll That Glitters2:0010/29/2018
1890Totowa Tigers2:0010/28/2018
1886Vizion AS FlashStar Quality2:0010/28/2018
1894.1Groveport Madison HS CruisersStronger Together1:3010/28/2018
1894Hamilton Township HS RangersStar Quality1:3010/28/2018
1636Trinity AS AmethystEXCLUSIVE: No Competition2:30EX Add Gym & Team Name | EX Add Full Routine Sound Effects to My Mix | EX Change Existing Voice Overs in Mix | EX Rush Delivery on Customized MixTrinity Allstars. Amethyst.Use 8ct Sheets4-8CActually changing 5-8cts. All paid for. Amethyst: This music starts on 1 not 5 (at least that is how it is choreographed—can you be sure they know this when they see my 8 count sheets! I have the intro starting on 1 they power hurdle on 5 … Can you please be sure they make mention of the gym name or /(team names) or both near the beginning of all the routines Voiceover: 1 8 count end of 13-14 "We cheer we lead we love" in the jump section on the 6-8 where they hit their jumps 2 8 counts 17-18 2 8 counts 21-22….on the "15 min of fame section (they don’t like that music part sorry :(…10/18/2018
1873.5Mavericks Cheerleaders IgniteStar Quality2:3010/25/2018
1873.2Mavericks Cheerleaders SupremacyStronger Together2:3010/25/2018
1872Extreme Athletics BlazeCategory Is2:3010/25/2018
1861.2North Bay Elite Teeny Tiny DeputiesAll That Glitters1:3010/20/2018
1865.1Odyssey Cheer Lil' FlurriesAll That Glitters1:3010/20/2018
1865Odyssey Cheer Baby BlizzardsKids Rule1:0010/20/2018
1846.1Galaxy AS Rocket QueensYas Kween2:3010/15/2018
1831.2Cheer Pro Athletics Red RoyaltyYas Kween2:3010/12/2018
1833Basels All-Star Gymnastics and Cheer Super Nova StarsKids Rule2:3010/11/2018
1835KCK Wildfire FierceAll That Glitters2:0010/12/2018
1823Irondequiot Jr. LancersStronger Together2:0010/04/2018
1806Rock Starz Tiny PebblesAll That Glitters2:0009/29/2018
1792Scorpions Elite Cheer ScorpionsKids Rule2:3009/27/2018
1771Capital Cheer Elite LITTLE BOMBERSKids Rule1:3009/22/2018
1758Derby Extreme RADIANCEStronger Together2:0009/16/2018
1734Waycross BulldogsStar Quality2:3009/07/2018
1731Jags AlexYas Kween1:3009/07/2018
1730Merrimack Valley PrideEXCLUSIVE: Fiyah2:30EX Add Gym & Team Name | EX Lower Music For My Cheer Section | EX Rush Delivery on Customized MixMerramack ValleyDescribe # of 8counts & placement of cheer: 11 8 counts in cheer is 2 8 counts long. ((Should be shown on 8ct sheets once those are received.))09/03/2018
1728Valley Cheer AS Twinkles Kids Rule1:3009/06/2018
1726Derby Extreme SHIMMERKids Rule2:3009/07/2018
1719Element Athletics DiamondsEXCLUSIVE: Never Give Up2:30EX Add Gym & Team NameElement. Diamonds. 09/02/2018
1713Derby Extreme GLITTERAll That Glitters2:3009/02/2018
1712Derby Extreme ROYALTYYas Kween2:3009/02/2018
1701.3Greensboro AS SapphiresStronger Together2:3008/31/2018
1694CheerVIBE GlamourousAll That Glitters1:3008/28/2018
1688North Collinwood ThundercatsEXCLUSIVE: Comeback2:30EX Add Gym & Team Name | EX Add Full Routine Sound Effects to My Mix | EX Custom Add On Approved by PCM staffNCT. COUGARS. ThundercatsMP intelligently place them$25Mix needs to be 2:00. Please remove all 30 seconds from one spot. some of the singing towards the end 08/26/2018
1687Salpointe Catholic LancersNever Scared1:0008/24/2018
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