Order #Gym/School Name + Mascot Name:Selected RYAN & TREY MixLength:Exclusive Length:EXCLUSIVE SETEXCL!! ADD NAME: How you w...EXCL!!! ADD SFX: How shoul...EX CHANGE/ADD VOCALS: How ...EX CHANGE/ADD VOCALS: Indic...EX Price for Custom Add OnEX LOWER MUSIC FOR CHEER: D...EX CUSTOM ADD ON: Please de...EX SHORTEN MIX: How should...EX CHANGE TEMPO: New SpeedEX SPLIT MIX: Where should...DUE DATE:% Discounted?Producer Payout:PCM Payout
2599Rebel Cheer and Dance Lady FearlessThe Turn Up Is Real2:3011/16/20190238.00102.00
2559Saint Cloud Bulldogs Junior VarsityThe Turn Up Is Real2:3011/02/20190168.0072.00
2562Revolution Cheer & Tumbling Junior AuthorityThe Turn Up Is Real2:3011/02/20190168.0072.00
2495NH EliteThe Turn Up Is Real2:3010/13/20190290.50124.50
2491Impact Cheer CEOsThe Turn Up Is Real2:3010/14/201910171.5073.50
2326Manchester East CobrasIt's A Battle Royale2:3009/27/20190255.50109.50
2419Cheer Coast Tropics Coco MistThe Turn Up Is Real2:0009/26/20190175.0075.00
2380Whitemouth WarriorsRock Out1:3009/16/20190105.0045.00
2326Manchester East CobrasIt's A Battle Royale2:30
2218.4360 Athletics JetRock Out2:3007/17/201910138.2559.25
2178University of Mount Union Purple RaidersIt's A Battle Royale2:0006/07/20190297.50127.50
2157New Bedford BearsIt's A Battle Royale2:3004/12/20195216.13092.620
2146Courage Cheer Sea LionsThe Turn Up Is Real2:0003/15/2019
2123Moorehead PanthersThe Turn Up Is Real2:3002/12/2019
2049Spirit Central CougarsThe Turn Up Is Real2:3001/10/2019
2018Bridgeport HS BulldogsIt's A Battle Royale1:3012/10/2018
1964.1Langley Cheer & Athletics KianaA Night To Remember1:0011/26/2018
1964Langley Cheer & Athletics RyleighIt's A Battle Royale1:0011/26/2018
1947Dynasty Cheer AS ChromeIt's A Battle Royale2:3011/22/2018
1888Edwards-Knox CougarsIt's A Battle Royale1:3010/29/2018
1860Edison MS EaglesThe Turn Up Is Real2:3010/15/2018
1801Paden City HS WildcatsThe Turn Up Is Real2:0009/25/2018
1781.1Naples HurricanesThe Turn Up Is Real2:3009/23/2018
1616.3Rock Solid Elite NIGHT ROCKSA Night To Remember1:0007/28/2018
1599360 Athletics Karbon KweensIt's A Battle Royale2:3007/09/2018
1594.1West Union HS DragonsThe Turn Up Is Real2:3006/26/2018
1594West Union HS DragonsA Night To Remember1:0006/29/2018
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