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 Order #Gym/School Name + Mascot Name:Length:Exclusive Length:Selected TOM MixEXCLUSIVE SETEXCL!! ADD NAME: How you w...EXCL!!! ADD SFX: How shoul...EX CHANGE/ADD VOCALS: How ...EX CHANGE/ADD VOCALS: Indic...EX Price for Custom Add OnEX LOWER MUSIC FOR CHEER: D...EX CUSTOM ADD ON: Please de...EX SHORTEN MIX: How should...EX CHANGE TEMPO: New SpeedEX SPLIT MIX: Where should...DUE DATE:% Discounted?Producer Payout:PCM Payout
2787Studio True True Glitter2:00Dancin' To The Top04/13/20200133.0057.00
2687Paden City HS Wildcats1:30Dancin' To The Top12/19/201910103.9544.55
2668.1Queen City Storm Ice2:00Kick It Into Overdrive12/19/20193596.2541.25
2668.1Queen City Storm Ice2:00Kick It Into Overdrive
2660CDA Xtreme Sparks2:00Turn Up The Lights12/14/20193596.2541.25
2657CDA Xtreme Twinkles2:00Girls Run This12/14/201935113.7548.75
2646Flight Cheer Snowbirds2:30Up And Away12/12/201935195.1383.62
2579.1Langley Cheer & Athletics Olivia1:00Up And Away11/07/2019098.0042.00
2579Langley Cheer & Athletics Jordan1:00It's Game Time11/07/2019098.0042.00
2557Fury Athletics of Madison Inspiration2:00Kick It Into Overdrive11/03/201910122.5052.50
2475Maine Stars Junior Jazz2:00Dancin' To The Top10/10/20190150.5064.50
2427Rockets Cheerleading Firecrackers2:30Girls Run This09/27/20190150.5064.50
2423Angels AS Academy Golden Angels2:30It's Game Time09/26/201910135.4558.05
2413Karma Sport Lynx2:30Turn Up The Lights09/22/20190150.5064.50
2393Hundred HS The Hornets2:00Turn Up The Lights09/19/201910119.7051.30
2367Cheer Coast Tropics TsunaMinis2:00It's Game Time09/12/20190168.0072.00
2341North River Chargers1:30Kick It Into Overdrive09/01/20190133.0057.00
2328Somerset MS Raiders2:00It's Game Time08/23/20190203.0087.00
2322Richmond Cheer Athletics Rowdy2:00You're A Star08/25/20190133.0057.00
2258Hamilton Township HS Rangers1:30Girls Run This08/01/201910103.9544.55
2257Eclipse AS Darcy1:30Kick It Into Overdrive08/01/20190105.0045.00
2242Miss Dana's Diamonds Youth Jewels2:00Kick It Into Overdrive07/21/201910133.0057.00
2237.2Greensboro AS CrystaLites2:00Turn Up The Lights07/19/20190133.0057.00
2220Derby Extreme ELECTRIC2:30Kick It Into Overdrive07/18/201910138.2559.25
2218.3360 Athletics Chrome2:00Turn Up The Lights07/17/201910122.5052.50
2215Derby Extreme FANTASY2:00Girls Run This07/15/201910122.5052.50
2213Derby Extreme CRYSTALS2:30Turn Up The Lights07/15/201910138.2559.25
2209Derby Extreme Dynamite2:30It's Game Time07/14/201910138.2559.25
2159Spirit Central Cobalt Cats1:30You're A Star04/14/20190115.5049.50
2106.1Spirit Central Tiger Cats2:00Up And Away02/14/2019
2101East Coast Elite Mini Marvels2:00Up And Away02/07/2019
2037Gonyons Operation Cheer Stealth2:30You're A Star12/14/2018
1997.2Five Star Athletics SHOOTING STARS1:30You're A Star12/08/2018
1981.3Buffalo AS Extreme DARE DEVILS2:00Up And Away12/05/2018
1972Sonic Elite RyAnn1:30You're A Star11/30/2018
1973.1Sonic Elite Tara1:30Up And Away11/30/2018
1885Vizion AS Focus1:30You're A Star10/28/2018
1884Fury Athletics of Madison Ambition2:00Up And Away10/28/2018
1870Grand Park2:00Up And Away10/17/2018
1867TGA Premier Sports Cheerleading1:00You're A Star10/22/2018
1854.1Queen City Storm East Purple Passion2:00You're A Star10/18/2018
1799Scorpions Elite Cheer Scorpions2:30Up And Away09/27/2018
1778Raglan Coast Cheer Pearl1:30You're A Star09/23/2018
17395 Star AS Xplosion2:30You're A Star09/09/2018
1701.1Greensboro AS Starlites1:30You're A Star08/31/2018
1601Abe Dance Promotion Blue Star2:30Up And Away07/19/2018
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