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The following form is NOT a credit application. It is used to collect the proper data we require to set you up as a Primal Attitude Dealer. Once you have completed the required information you will have access to our lines at wholesale pricing. Lines Include: Sullen Clothing, Badcock Apparel, SYC FUK, Black Flys & more.

You will require photos of your location to complete this application. Tattoo Shops: Include 3 pictures of your location, 1 Exterior view, 1 Tattoo Station area, 1 Retail area Online Stores: Photos are required of your facility.




Which lines are you looking to retail? *


STORE TRADE (select all that apply)
WHICH BRANDS DO YOU CURRENTLY CARRY? (select all that apply) *


Please include pictures of your store, inside and out. If you are a webstore, please include pictures of your facility. If you are a Tattoo Studio, a few proud pics will suffice.

Please Read and Acknowledge the Agreement Below *
To All active and Pending Accounts:

I would like to start off by expressing our gratitude for your continued support. Whether you have been with us since the beginning or you're just joined us now, we are forever grateful for your pledge to push our message, brands and Tattoo Family worldwide.

We have grown to become a force in the Tattoo World and in doing so have begun to have issues at many of the conventions and events across the globe. When we authorize your account to retail our products, it is under the strict guidelines that you retail the products in your stores or on your websites. This is one of the reasons why we ask for photos of your account.

Like ourselves, many of our clients have begun traveling to tattoo conventions or other events, undercutting each other and hurting the brands name as a result. Although privately I praise and respect your efforts as hungry hustlers, we simply cannot sustain this method of business in the long term and must insist that you keep your products where they belong, where we agree to supply you; within your shops.

By Submitting this account application you acknowledge you are only approved to sell in your retail store or on your website. If you wish to vend at an area other than your approved location, simply submit a written request through your sales agent and he or she will do their best to accommodate you. Include the name of the event, the location and the date. When approved, you will go on the Event Master Calendar and we will protect your account at that event. We have numerous agreements with many of our vendors to set up on our behalf at many of these events and cannot have multiple booths carrying our products.

Again, we thank you for your partnership and understanding in this important matter.
Thank you, we look forward to working with you.

Debbie and Domenic
Toronto, Canada
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