Retailer Pricing Request
2024 Global Produce & Floral Show

If the criteria listed below applies to your current employer, you may qualify for the complimentary Retailer rate. Please provide the required information and submit the form for review. A decision will be sent to your email listed on this request within 5 business days.

  • You must be currently employed by a Retailer.
  • A Retailer sells final goods to the last person in the supply chain - the consumer, who uses such goods for his or her own personal needs.
  • A company qualifies as a Retailer if they predominately sell products directly to consumers either in a store or online.

Acceptable documents include:
• Physical or digital business card that clearly references your name and your employer as a retail establishment.
• Marketing materials or pictures (print or digital) establishing it is a retail store banner.
• Store webpage image indicating it is predominantly open to consumers.
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