The PMA Retail Award Nomination Form

The PMA Retail Award for excellence in merchant innovation. 

This award is for a Vice President or Director (or equivalent position) in the retail sector that demonstrates passion and purpose in developing innovative strategies to drive produce consumption. We are looking for engaging stories that show how those strategies were brought to life in the retail setting, and the impact it had on consumers. The winners of this  award will inspire others in the industry to think creatively about their approach to produce marketing. Multiple awards will be given based on store count. 


This person will show through their planning and strategy, they increased consumer trust and confidence, as well as the stores sales, through a unique or seasonal promotion for produce.  This person will have educated the consumer and their team, created a Mktg/Merchant Strategy, and shown value to the consumer.  Ultimately, they impacted sales as well as the consumer. 

Nominees will:

  • Represent a PMA Member (Banner) Company  
  • Be a Director or VP (or equivalent position responsible for produce operations) from a US-based or Global retail banner
  • Have successfully developed and executed a Marketing/Merchandising plan that solved a specific challenge and contributed to sustainability effort

Nominations will include descriptions of:

  • Unique Promotions: Show how the marketing initiatives (ex: Ads, Pictures, Consumer Feedback) increased demand of that product, product knowledge, and sales
  • A minimum of a one-month timeline on baseline, length of promotion, percent of growth of the item/s, and the outcome of the promotion
  • How sustainability was improved within the store or the environment with your marketing plan
  • The nominee elevated the team with motivational and inspirational leadership towards achieving the stated goal
Nominations close August 20, 2021. 

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