Request for Variance
to Assigned Target Date/Time

Target Move In Information

Your target move-in assignment is designed to be the point at which direct deliveries must be checked in by at the marshaling yard.  It is not the point at which set-up should be scheduled.  Off-target freight and equipment may be refused and/or rescheduled and a surcharge could apply. 
Last year, PMA implemented a Clean Floor Policy.  Please review the exhibitor schedule and take this into consideration when determining any changes to your target date.
Please use this form to request a change to your target move-in time.
All change requests must be submitted by October 8, 2021.

Please note:
Freight shipped through the advanced warehouse will be delivered prior to the beginning of your assigned target date and time. 

Company Information

Variance Information

Please select a new target date and time below.  GES will review all requests, and you will be contacted with the appropriate approval if request is granted.
If you have any questions about your target assignment, please contact Smiley Carrasco at +1 (619) 498-6317 or via email at