2021 Fresh Summit Exposition
Booth Sharing Form

Booth Sharing Guidelines

Use this form to indicate companies authorized to share your booth space per the published Booth Sharing Guidelines. Eligible companies will be included on the floor plan,  in the online/mobile directories and mobile app (if submitted by October 4) and available for use on badges that come with booth space.

The following guidelines apply:

  • Each exhibiting company is permitted (1) directory listing per 100 sq. ft. of space rented.
  • In order to "Booth Share" companies/brands must be affiliated in one of the following ways:
    • Government Agency or Department
    • Promotional Organization (that will have other fruit, vegetable, or floral related organizations exhibiting in your booth)
    • Cooperative/Coalition and/or Marketing/Branding Agreement (i.e. contractually affiliated brands)
    • Grouped by a product or interest area (such as floral,machinery, a state or region)

Main Exhibiting Company Information

Please list information about the company who holds the contract with PMA for exhibit space.
Each exhibiting company is permitted (1) directory listing per 100 sq. ft of space rented.  Please see chart below to determine the number of companies that can occupy your booth.

Booth Communication and Benefits Preferences

Please specify how you will manage booth communications and benefits with those sharing your space per the guidelines listed below:   *

If you choose "My company will manage," all benefits and communications will be sent ONLY to the primary contact (if a secondary contact is provided, logistical info will be sent to them as well) who holds the contract for booth space with PMA. This includes: booth invoices, badge mailings, logistical emails and access to register booth personnel badges, complimentary Trade Show Only passes and the full attendee list. The primary/seconday contact will be responsible for sending/allotting all communication and benefits to those companies “sharing” their space.

If you choose "My company and affiliated companies/brands will manage," all communications/benefits except the booth invoice will go to EACH of the individual companies “sharing” the booth space. In order to select this option, each affiliated company/brand must be assigned a separate PMA booth number for the space they occupy so that they may order booth services directly from vendors, manage their own allotment of booth personnel badges and complimentary expo invitations, receive badge mailings and logistical emails and have access to the full attendee list.

If you do not yet have a unique booth space/number for each of your affiliated companies/brands, you will be contacted by Colleen McDonnell upon completion of this application.