2019 PMA Science & Technology

Circle of Excellence Award


The PMA Science & Technology Circle of Excellence Award recognizes individuals or organizations already conducting business within the global produce and/or floral industry supply chain. The nominated solution must disrupt industry practice(s) and/or create improved processes, practices and products, and provide benefits that bring value to the produce and floral supply chains.  Nominees must fall into one or more of the STEM disciplines, i.e., science, technology, engineering and/or math. The chosen winner must attend PMA’s Tech Knowledge event May 1-2 in Monterey, California, USA, to receive the award in person.

Information to Apply/Nominate:

  1. Cost: There is no fee.
  2. Criteria for Applicants:
    • Must be nominated by a PMA member, but winning recipient does not have to be a PMA member
    • Conducts business within the global produce and/or floral industry supply chain
    • Demonstrates the power of the STEM disciplines
    • Disrupts industry practices and/or creates improved processes, practices and products
    • Provides benefits to the produce and floral supply chains that bring value to the customer
    • Winning company/individual must attend PMA’s Tech Knowledge event May 1-2, 2019 in Monterey, CA
  3. Deadlines:
    • Friday, March 22: Deadline to submit a completed application. All applications will be reviewed by a panel of produce and floral business leaders.
    • Friday, March 29: All applicants will be informed of their application status.

Recognition for Winner:

  • At Tech Knowledge, May 1-2, 2019, Monterey, CA:
    • One (1) full access pass to Tech Knowledge
    • Winner will be announced prior to opening session on second day
    • Plaque/physical award
    • Five (5) minutes speaking time
  • At Fresh Summit, October 17-19, 2019, Anaheim, CA:
    • One (1) full access pass to Fresh Summit
    • Announced at Fresh Summit
  • Via PMA Communication Channels:
    • PMA PR
    • PMA Website
    • PMA Social

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Questions? Contact Johnna Hepner at jhepner@pma.com

Contact Information for Submitting Company

Applications will only be considered if submitted by a PMA member. If you are not a PMA member and would like to become one, please contact solutionsctr@pma.com.

More information about the benefits of memberhsip can be found at https://www.pma.com/members/membership/member-benefits.


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Please provide an overview of the applicable technology, service, or process (125 words maximum) that has affected labor efficiencies and/or created the ability to work, and the solution that the applicable technology, service, or process offers (125 words maximum).

Please note that the information below will be provided to PMA's subject matter experts and produce industry executives. Additionally, the contact information, product/service name and product/service description for the winner will be included in the Tech Knowledge conference program and distributed to all attendees.
PMA Tech Knowledge will be held May 1-2, 2019 in Monterey, California.
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All submissions are due by March 22, 2019.
Questions? Contact Cyndi Neal at +1 (302) 607-2112 or cneal@pma.com 

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