2017 Fresh Summit
Fresh Ideas Showcase

How to Participate

ATTENTION: The refund deadline was July 31, so all new orders submitted are final.
The Fresh Ideas Showcase is sold on a first-come, first-serve basis based on the date and time your application (with payment) is received. There is a limited amount of space in each section available, and shelves must be purchased by August 23 to have your product listing included in the printed directory. 

Eligibility requirements:
  • Your company must be an exhibitor in the 2017 Fresh Summit Expo
  • Your product, product line or service must have been introduced since the 2016 Fresh Summit Convention & Exposition

What's Included With Your Shelf:
  • 1 empty shelf to display your product(s) from Wednesday, Oct. 18-Saturday, Oct. 21
  • 1 sign promoting your company name and booth number
  • 500 character product listing in our online, printed, and mobile directories, allowing you to build awareness and generate leads before, during and after Fresh Summit
  • lighting

Exhibitors have a variety of options to best showcase their product/service. There are (5) uniquely branded "sections" highlighting popular product categories. A maximum of (5) shelves may be rented, (1) per section.  If renting multiple sections, a different product/service must be used in each section. 
Innovative products/services can be showcased in the following sections:
  • Main Fresh Ideas Showcase
  • Just 4 Kids Showcase: Inspiring kids to eat healthy
  • On-The-Go Showcase: Healthy choices made easy at home or on-the-go 
  • Certified Organic Showcase
  • Floral Showcase: Fresh ideas, in bloom (refrigeration is NOT available)
Please note: Refrigerated shelves are available for all sections EXCEPT floral.  While all shelves include lighting, an electric outlet may be added on to any non-refrigerated shelf.

Showcase Type

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