Farmer Cost Share Application

Application Deadline: October 1st, January 1st, April 1st, July 1st

Award Notification: October 15th, January 15th, April 15th, July 15th

The application outline is provided below. Please review the cost-share eligibility and process document. Applications are reviewed quarterly by staff and evaluated based on estimated cost and impact along with other criteria.

You can also access a printable application here, and mail or drop off at our office at 705 N. Zeeb Rd, Suite 201, Ann Arbor, MI 48103.

If selected, you will be required to submit the following information to have funds released:

  1. Signed contract upon project approval with amount approved and use.
  2. Completed W9 returned to the WCCD staff.
  3. Receipts the funds were used for
  4. Three “Before” Project Pictures detailing the location of the project and current state*
  5. Three “After” Project Pictures showing the practice(s) being established and/or implemented*

Please direct any questions about our Cost-Share Program to one of our technicians:

Nick MachinskiConservation Specialist -​, 734.302.8711

Paul Buzzard - Conservation Technician -, 734.302.8715

Matt DeJonge – Conservation Technician –, 734.302.8715

Do you consider yourself a farmer or producer? *
Are you a Veteran? *
Do you identify as one of the following (please check all that apply):
Are you a beginning farmer or rancher (someone who has not operated a farm or ranch for 10 consecutive years?) *
Are you a Limited Resource Farmer or Rancher? (If you believe you are please go to this link to identify that you are: Limited Resource Farmer/Rancher - Determination Tool ( We will want a copy prior to approving your application.) *
* By accepting cost share funds, you agree to allow WCCD to use all pictures for promotional purposes while keeping you anonymous. You may opt out of this by selecting No. *
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