Visiting Fellowship 2023 - Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Form

What is this?

The Eccles Centre is committed to promoting equality, and we aim to achieve diversity in the range of people we involve in our Fellowship programme.

We currently do not have any qualitative or quantitative insights about who is applying for our Fellowships in terms of race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, or disabilities. We would therefore be extremely grateful if you would fill in this form so we can start to build a picture of who we are reaching, who we’re not reaching, and how we might do better to build a truly diverse cohort of Fellows. 

You do not have to answer these questions, however, or you may choose to answer some and leave others unanswered if you would prefer. Any contribution will be very gratefully received.


What will you do with this information?

The information you provide is completely anonymous and will not be stored with any identifying information about you. All details are held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

If you have any questions about this information please contact us at

Race and ethnicity

Gender and sexuality

Disability and health

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