Rules and Laws Test

NMCA Rules

1. In a Two Day Jika Shield Match 21 minutes of play is lost.  How many overs are to be bowled for the day? *
2. In a Two Day Jika Shield Match 35 minutes of play are lost.  Play resumes at 4.40pm. When does play end? *
3.  In a D Grade match the team batting first is bowled out in the 65th over. *
 An additional 5 overs.An additional 2 overs.72 oversuntil 6.00pm on day 275 overs.Until 6.00pm.
B. How many overs in total are the team batting second entitled to bat.
A. How long is team batting second required to bat on Day 1.
5. There are 3 balls left in a One Day Match and the scores are tied. A batter hits the winning run. What happens next? *
6. There are 3 balls left in a One Day Match and the scores are tied. A batter hits the winning run. Stumps are drawn. The scores are checked and the match is still a tie? What happens next? *
7. A ball lands off the pitch and the batter hits it. What is the correct call? *


10. The fielder chases the ball down near a fenced boundary and appears to touch the fence while fielding the ball. If there is doubt what should the umpire do? *
11.  A batsman does not offer a shot and the ball hits his pads and rolls down past the keeper. The batsmen start to run a single, and assume that the umpire will call Dead Ball and are ambling back to their original ends when a fielder throws down the stumps with the batsman out of his ground. On appeal what is your decision? *
12.  Batsman straight drives a delivery which hits the stumps at the bowlers end. Both bails are dislodged. The batsmen attempt a single and the bowler grabs the ball and knocks out the stumps (with the ball in the same hand). The batter it is out of his ground. What's your decision? *
13.  Batter plays and misses. Ball hits the stumps and the bail is dislodged but wedges between the stumps. Batter does not want to go as the bail is not on the ground. What's your decision? *
14. Batter straight drives in the air and the non-striker tries to get out of the way. The ball hits the bat of the non-striker and the bowler catches the ball before it hits the ground. On appeal - your decision is? *
15.  One batter is dominating the bowling in a run chase. On the last ball of the over the batsmen can safely run two but one of the batters touches down his bat a metre short of the crease and they get three. What happens next? *
16. A well hit ball hits the goal post on the full. What runs should the batter be awarded? *
17. A fielder chases a ball to the boundary and thinks there is a possibility that the batsmen may run 5. He deliberately kicks the ball to the boundary. How many runs should be awarded? *
18.  Should the umpire call no-ball? *
19. A full delivery from a slow bowler passes the batsman chest high with the batter in his normal position. Which umpire makes the call? *
Is this a no ball
20. In 19 above what is the correct call? *