NMCA Report to Council on Ground and Pitch Repairs

This form is to be used to report pitch or ground problems that require attention from venues under the control of the City of Darebin. If problems occur at other venues please email the General Manager directly from the club gmail account. 

Notes on repairs to synthetic wickets

The council will respond quickly to minor pitch repairs and synthetic pitches may be patched in areas where ball deviation is not a factor. Synthetic patches will be of a similar material. Whole sections of pitch may be replaced in the bowler runup and through to a line 800mm forward  of the crease. If a synthetic pitch needs repairs well forward of the crease (where dangerous or unfair ball deviations can occur) the council will consider a half pitch replacement to reduce costs. 

Notes on mowing and ground maintenance

Council contractors are required to mow grounds regularly and consistently. They are also required to mow around fences and poles and to maintain a consistent surface right to the boundary line or fence. 

If maintenance does not meet this standard it should reported using this form.

Freshly mown grass is not generally removed as it contributes to the general health of the surface. However if this becomes a problem it should be reported.  
Nature of ground or pitch problem.  *