WonderLIT Wellness Retreat, Concord, MA, April 14-16

Retreat to the Literary capital of America and stay in a private sanctuary home in Concord, MA for a deeply restorative experience connecting with books, people and the natural world. Time together will Include literary shares from our featured book: Collisions of Earth & Sky: Connecting with Nature for Nourishment, Reflection and Transformation, an exclusive author connect with Heidi Barr, healing sound bath with Reiki Practitioner and Intuitive Healer, Christine Grace, and an excursion to Walden Woods with Henry David Thoreau. Healing home amenities and a variety of wellness experiences include three private sanctuary floors, indoor far infrared sauna, infrared amethyst Biomat, gymnasium, outdoor labyrinth and hot-tub.

Registration Includes: 2-night accommodations, curated book bundle, woodland artisan writing tablet, author connect, sound bath, Walden nature walk, farm-to-table meals and a variety of healing home amenities and wellness experiences.
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