Monkey See, Monkey Do...Children's Bookstore 2020 Parental Consent Form

My children,

has/have my consent to attend Camp at Monkey See, Monkey Do…Children’s Bookstore. I have informed the instructor of my child’s/children’s allergies, health issues or any other food-related concerns, and I have provided emergency contact information.

I have met the staff and have seen the class locale and facilities and understand that serious attempts have been made to provide a safe, healthful, and pleasant experience for my child/children. I will not hold staff or Monkey See, Monkey Do…Children’s Bookstore liable for any injuries occurring during the class or while on the property.

Permission for my child’s photograph to be used in promotional materials created by Monkey See, Monkey Do…Children’s Bookstore, which may include its website, Facebook page, brochures, and email communications. Your child WILL NOT be identified by name, age, or town of residence. I DO / DO NOT
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This consent is valid until December 31, 2020