STEP 2 - SILVER PKG Listing Contract

Was the property built before 1978? If yes you will be required to complete a Lead Based Paint Disclosure Form. *
Listing Package *
Property Type *
Selling Agents Commission (most agents expect 3% commission...especially if the listing price is less than $200,000). *
When choosing the SILVER Listing Package, the seller understands that this is a basic package for MLS advertisement only. It does not include assistance with offers, counter offers, or negotiating on your behalf or assistance with the home inspections or repair requests. When you choose this package and then decide you have a question or would like assistance with an offer, you can upgrade to the gold package for a fee of $1,000 paid online and pay zero at closing. *
To ensure a successful and smooth closing, Mink Realty has partnered with Millennial Title because of their "Verified Seller Program". With this program Millennial will run a preliminary title search on your property as soon as you list your home with us. They will notify us if there are any title issues to ensure there are no surprises when it comes time to close. They will also provide you with a seller NET SHEET once we have an accepted contract and work with you to get seller payoff information, property tax and HOA information in order to prepare the closing statement. They will send us your closing statement 24 hours prior to closing to to give us the chance to review for accuracy PRIOR to closing. They also prepare the deed for your closing. All of these services are offered to the seller at a flat rate of $295 at closing which appears on the closing statement. These fees are less than most title companies in the Louisville area. If you would like to close at Millennial, we will need to make sure when we receive an offer on your home that we counter with "Closing to be held at Millennial Title". Do you agree to close at Millennial TItle? *
Do you agree to remove all For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Signs in your yard? It is a MLS rule that once your home is listed in the MLS, the only sign that can be in the yard is the listing brokers for sale sign. If a FSBO sign is discovered in your yard once the MLS listing goes live, Mink Realty will cancel your MLS listing immediately with no refund. The MLS is very strict about this and give fines to those that do not abide by their rules. So PLEASE make sure you put away those FSBO signs. *
When selecting the SILVER listing package, you understand that this package includes advertising on the MLS and all the other real estate websites. It does not include broker assistance with handling offers, counter offers, repair requests and all other aspects of a real estate transaction. It is the sellers responsibility to meet all contractual obligations set fourth in the purchase agreement on your own. If you decide later that you would like assistance with any or all of these aspects, you may upgrade for a flat fee of $1,000 on this website and pay nothing more at closing. *