If you wish to cancel your listing please fill out this form,sign and submit.   If you are in Louisville and picked up the yard sign from our office, please return it to the office located at 1101 Spender Hollow Way, Lou. KY 40245.  Once we receive our sign back, your listing will be cancelled within 24 hours.   Please let me know when you have dropped off the sign so I can confirm receipt. You will be notified via text or email when your listing is cancelled.
Once you cancel your listing if you decide to RELIST you will be required to complete STEP 1 and fill out a new listing questionaire and pay the $350 listing fee again.  You will also have to sign a new listing contract.  We can use the photos from your previous listing with Mink Realty so you will not have to pay for that option again.  If you cancelled your listing more than 30 days ago you will also be required to complete a new sellers disc form.
Seller agrees that cancellation will not occur until the Mink Realty yard sign and lock box has been returned to our office. Signature *