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When choosing the Gold MLS Listing Package, the seller understands that this is a basic package for MLS advertisement only. It does not include assistance with offers, counter offers, or negotiating on your behalf or assistance with the home inspections or repair requests. When you choose this package and then decide you have a question or would like assistance with an offer, you can upgrade to realtor assistance for $800 paid online. *
If your property is located in Kentucky - It is a Kentucky LAW that I am required to get a signed SELLER AGENCY FORM for EACH offer that I receive on your home. Do you agree to SIGN and return a Seller Agency form for EACH offer immediatley (confirming that you received the offer on your property)? If you do not, Mink Realty has the right to cancel your listing off of the MLS. Both husband and wife must sign this form and return to Mink Realty before negotiations can start with the buyer's agent. *
Do you agree to remove all For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Signs in your yard? It is a MLS rule that once your home is listed in the MLS, the only sign that can be in the yard is the listing brokers for sale sign. If a FSBO sign is discovered in your yard once the MLS listing goes live, Mink Realty will cancel your MLS listing immediately with no refund. The MLS is very strict about this and give fines to those that do not abide by their rules. So PLEASE make sure you put away those FSBO signs. You must also DELETE any FSBO ZILLOW ads as well. There can't be any FSBO advertising once you list your home on the MLS. Check All that Apply! *
Do you currently hold a real estate license in Kentucky, Indiana or Florida (even if it is escrow)? If YES this must be disclosed on the MLS. *
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You may schedule 1 Open house's during the initial setup FOR FREE, just list the date and time below. If you do not set up your open house during the initial set up you will be charged $25 for the set and $25 for each additional Open house you wish to schedule. The Open house setup form can be found under seller options. Each buyer entering your open house MUST wear a mask and only 1 party at a time can enter your home at a time during the open house. You must control this. *