Give each photo or JPG file a number in the order you want them to appear on the MLS.  The front photo of your home should be "photo1.jpg" , then "photo2.jpg".  The name can't have any special characters.  If you do not number your photos they will upload to the MLS in a random order (which you will not like).  If you take pictures with your phone, hold the phone like a CAMERA when taking the photos.  They need to be LANDSCAPE and not PORTAIT.  If you do not do this the photos will turn out very small on the MLS and (you will no like this).  Even for small rooms!    Once your photos have been uploaded to the MLS there is a $50 fee to change or update your photos to the MLS!!!  
                                    Max # of photos allowed per MLS     -      Bowling Green MLS = 50 photos    Lexington MLS = 90      Louisville MLS = 90       Sarasota Florida = 90
After your MLS listing goes live and you would like to update some or all of your photos on the MLS, go to the "Seller Info" tab at the top of the website and select "Upgrade Options" and then select "Photo Change out" for $50.