First, THANK YOU. no matter what you do in music, your contribution to our city’s music community creates value worth advocating for.  Completing this short form makes you a free, MusicPortland Community Member that will deliver benefits, access and community.
Please make every effort to answer all of the questions.
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This short survey (1-3 minutes) provides vital data to communicate with those that influence our survival.  We will first ask you questions about your life as a musical artist and then individually about other different paying roles that you play in our music economy (up to three), then we will ask you five questions about you.
Confidential - your data never shared
The contact information is never shared and is collected only to qualify any response questions unless you give permission for MusicPortland to stay in touch about benefits.  Other data collected in this profile will kept anonymous and combined to create the first quantitative data about our local music ecology. This information will unlock our ability to communicate to stakeholders the scope of our industry and what changes are necessary to make our community flourish.  
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First, are you a professional musician? Do you create or perform music for income? If Yes, we'l ask just a few questions about those activities and earnings. *