The application form must be completed in English and all supporting documents must be supplied in English.
Please note that all form information is encrypted. Personal information will remain private and secure.
Transcripts Recommendations

Applicants must submit copies of their official transcripts from a minimum of the last three years of education.

  • A school's seal or principal's signature must appear on the copy.
  • The transcript must be translated into English. If translation is required, the translation must be authenticated as a true copy by a notary public or similar official.
  • Originals will be required upon registration at the high school.
  • IMPORTANT: Any student who arrives to orientation without their original transcripts will not be allowed to register for classes.
  • English Language Teacher
    This recommendation should highlight the following points: the student's reading, writing, speaking and listening abilities. It MUST be labeled "English Teacher Recommendation."
  • Math Teacher:
    This recommendation should highlight the student's analytical abilities. It MUST be labeled "Math Teacher Recommendation."

Supporting Information

You are welcome to include information or documents that will strengthen your admission status. Examples include, but are not limited to:
  • Sporting achievements.
  • Membership of clubs and societies
12/311/4 - 1/7 1/81/152/5
1/81/11 - 1/211/222/52/19
1/221/25 - 2/42/52/123/5
2/52/9 2/18 2/192/263/19
2/192/22 - 3/43/53/124/2
3/53/8 - 3/183/193/264/16
3/193/22 - 4/14/24/94/30
4/24/5 - 4/154/164/235/14
4/164/19 - 4/294/305/75/28
4/305/3 - 5/135/145/216/11
5/145/17 - 5/275/286/46/25
5/285/31 - 6/106/116/187/20
6/116/15 - 6/246/257/27/2
6/256/28 - 7/17/27/97/2
7/27/6 - 7/87/97/167/9
7/97/13 - 7/157/167/237/16
7/167/19 - 7/227/237/307/23
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