Hi Jinx Puppy Application

Marital Status
Do you have a fenced in yard?
What is your goal for this puppy?
Do you plan to
What sex do you prefer your new puppy to be?
What is your color preference?
What age do you prefer your new Boxer to be?
How long are you willing to wait for your puppy?
Do you plan to attend any training classes with your new puppy/dog at the appropriate age?
Are you familiar with the health problems of the Boxer Breed?
If asked, would you agree to spay/neuter your pet and provide us with proper documentation from your vet?
Do you agree that if you ever become, for any reason, whether it be physically or financially, unable to care for your puppy/dog, you will return the dog to us or contact us to assist you with placement of the puppy/dog into another home?
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