Parents/Guardians complete this registration. If you, the person registering, are under 18, you must be supervised by a parent/guardian while registering.
Welcome to the Climb Debate Programs!
We ask for this information for registration to assure we have all the information we need to make your participation the most educational, safe, and fun that it can be.
"The participant" is the student who will participate in our program; the person you are registering for the program(s).
If the participant is an adult coach, you can fill in "X" for parent/guardian approval in the form.
The agreements below apply to all Climb the Mountain Programs.

Participant Contact Information

We will mail t-shirts (camp only) and middle school awards (for SU tournaments) to this address.

Family Contact Information

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Use of Online Services Agreement

For our online instruction, we may use the “Yaatly” site which was developed specifically for debating online.  Please review Yaatly’s ​Terms of Service and ​Privacy Policy​. In order to use Yaatly, some personal information about your child may be collected, but this information will be protected as Yaatly describes in their Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

We also may use Zoom; please also review Zoom's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Please read these policies carefully, let me know if you have any questions, and then sign below to indicate you’ve read this and allow your child to participate. If you don’t agree to provide consent, unfortunately, you cannot participate in our program because we use Yaatly and/or Zoom for all of our instruction and events.

Hold Harmless Agreement


• We understand that the participant in the Climb the Mountain Speech and Debate program does so at the participant's own risk.

We means the person or person's signing their names below. The participant is the person that is being registered to participate in the program typically a student.

• We further understand that Climb the Mountain Speech and Debate Foundation and our host facility do not provide any medical insurance coverage for accidental injuries or illness, nor coverage for personal property damage and agree to release and hold harmless Climb the Mountain Speech and Debate Foundation and our host facility from any and all responsibility or liability for any injuries or damages not directly caused by the sole negligence of Climb the Mountain Speech and Debate Foundation and our host facility, its officers, agents, and employees.

• We understand that Climb the Mountain Speech and Debate Foundation and our host facility holds no responsibility for participants who are off-campus.

• We further understand that Climb the Mountain Speech and Debate Foundation and our host facility holds no responsibility for participants who drive a vehicle and holds no responsibility for participants who ride in cars driven by anyone including Climb the Mountain Speech and Debate Foundation or host facility staff members. Except for emergencies, participants will not be directed to drive or to ride in a car driven by anyone.

• We understand the nature of the speech and debate activities and the participant's experience and capabilities, and believe the participant to be qualified to participate in speech and debate. We will inspect the premises, facilities, and equipment to be used or with which the participant may come in contact to ensure it is safe to our satisfaction. We have spoken with the participant about the dangers of the activities and the fact that the participant could—for a variety of known, unknown, foreseeable and unforeseeable reasons, including negligence of the Climb the Mountain Speech and Debate Foundation and its host facility, their employees and volunteers, officers and agents—be injured. Even understanding these risks, we consent to the participant's participation in the speech and debate program and confirm that the participant is willing to participate in the event.

• We accept and assume all risks, and assume all responsibility for the losses, costs and/or damages following an injury related to the program, including disability, paralysis or death, even if caused in whole or in part by the negligence of the following releasees: Climb the Mountain Speech and Debate Foundation, Our Host Facility, its employees and volunteers, officers and agents. My acceptance of these risks includes releasing and agreeing not to sue the releasees. I also agree to indemnify and save and hold harmless the releasees and each of them from any and all litigation expenses, attorney fees, loss, liability, damage, or cost they may incur due to a claim made against any of the releasees identified above based on an injury to the participant, whether the claim is based on the negligence of the releasees or otherwise and whether the claim is made by us, is made on behalf of the participant, or is otherwise made.


Participant Behavior Agreement

The objective of the Climb the Mountain Speech and Debate program is to provide a safe environment for learning. To that end, we expect participants to agree to the following standards of personal behavior. Participants who violate any of the following standards of conduct may have their parents contacted, participation in the institute terminated, or lesser penalties imposed as deemed appropriate by the Director of the program. In the below, "I" refers to the participant who will participate in the program.


1. I will respect the learning environment by refraining from interrupting lectures, speaking loudly in the library or computer lab rooms, being distractive during lab time, etc. I will respect others learning in classrooms, studying in the library, and working in outdoor areas.

2. I will respect the school’s staff, materials, and building. I will abide by the library rules of circulation and conduct. I will not write in school materials unless given explicit permission to do so.

3. I will treat computers with respect. I will not move, physically alter, or damage computers or any of their parts. I will not use computers nor the network to do damage to others including spam, spyware, hogging bandwidth, engaging in copyright violations, and harassing or threatening others.

4. I will research and speak and debate in an honest and ethical manner. I will not fabricate evidence, plagiarize the work of others, nor purposefully mislabel evidence in a way that dishonestly represents the argument that the author presents.

5. I will respect and support other students, staff, and coaches in the program. I will not demean the efforts of others nor interfere with the effective learning of other students or coaches nor the teaching by the staff.

6. I will be cooperative with staff. I shall abide by staff requests to follow appropriate behavior necessary to the safety and learning of the program.

7. I will attend each session unless I or my parents/guardian/family emails Jim Hanson that I am unable to attend. I will seek to be prepared for each session.

8. I will refrain from harassing other students and staff including unwanted touching, sexualized comments, picking on people with demeaning comments, and derogatory references to a student based on their race, religion, gender, etc.


9. I will maintain my health through good diet and rest, and I will notify the staff if I think I have a health problem that could affect others.

10. I will conduct myself in a safe and cautious manner in order to avoid accidents to others and myself.

11. I will refrain from possessing, using, purchasing, or otherwise being involved in any way with alcohol or illegal drugs or the misuse of chemical substances.

12. Smoking under the age of 18 is illegal in the state of Washington. I understand that I can be fined hundreds of dollars for room air cleaning services if I smoke in or near a building. Further, I will not encourage the use of nor share any tobacco with other participants.


13. I will remain on campus at all times except if I have an emergency, an institute staff member may take me to the emergency clinic or hospital. I understand that when I leave the host campus under any circumstance, Climb the Mountain and the host facility’s liability is removed and I do so at my own risk.

14. I will be at lectures and labs on time. I understand that staff are required to take attendance and that if I am not there, they are required to spend time searching for me and if they cannot find me that they are required to call security who are then forced to spend time searching for me.

15. If I will leave the program to visit family or friends or for an event, I will give the director 24 hours notice and I will tell the director at the time I depart.

16. I will respect fire codes for the school and will not set off false alarms.

17. I will respect the privacy and property of others and not engage in theft or vandalism. I understand that I will be responsible for the cost of any items that I damage.

18. I will not possess or discharge firearms, weapons, ammunition, fireworks, explosives, and highly flammable materials at any time while at our host facility.

19. Participants aged 12 and under will need to have parent/guardian sign-in and sign-out for drop-off and pick-up from the program.

I understand that staff members have the right to ensure that I will adhere to these standards including by excluding me from functions and/or separating me from others. Further, the director of the program has the right to expel me from the program if he concludes that my presence means that these learning, health, and living issues cannot be assured.

Technology Use Agreement


In order to offer you access to appropriate network and technology resources during your stay, we ask that you read and agree to our below policy that outlines acceptable behavior regarding the use of these resources. The participant, the person being registered to participate in the program, is expected to use our host facility’s technology including its wireless access appropriately and for purposes related to the objectives of the Climb the Mountain Speech and Debate Program.


a. Using a computer account that does not rightfully belong to you.

b. Violating copyright laws and their fair use provisions through inappropriate reproduction or distribution of copyrighted files (including movies, music, computer software, text, and images).

c. Using the Campus Information Technology (IT) infrastructure to gain unauthorized access to other computer systems.

d. Unauthorized connecting of equipment to the campus network (this includes that you may NOT create personal hubs, wireless access points and/or routers).

e. Attempting to break into the system by circumventing data protection schemes or uncovering security loopholes. This includes the wrongful use of programs that are designed to identify security loopholes and/or decrypt intentionally secure data.

f. Knowingly or negligently performing an act that will interfere with the normal operation of computers, terminals, peripherals, or networks.

g. Attempting to damage or to place excessive load on a computer system or network by using programs, such as (but not limited to) computer viruses, Trojan Horses, spyware, and worms.

h. Deliberately wasting or overloading computing or printing resources, or deliberately using excessive bandwidth on the network.

i. Violating terms of software licensing agreements.

j. Using host facility resources for non-academic commercial activity such as creating products or services for sale, without express host facility approval.

k. Using electronic mail or other Information Technology resources to abuse, harass, or intimidate members of the community on any basis including race, ethnic origin, creed, gender or sexual orientation. Users are reminded that sexually suggestive materials displayed in public places, the classroom, or the workplace may constitute sexual harassment.

l. Propagating mass mailings with the intent of flooding (“spamming or bombing”) the accounts of others.

m. Forging the identity of a user or machine in an electronic communication.

n. Transmitting or reproducing materials that are slanderous or defamatory, or that otherwise violate existing laws or host facility regulations.

o. Setting up a domain on a computer located on the host facility network without express authorization from the host facility.

p. Attempting to wrongfully monitor or tamper with another user’s use of the host facility’s Information Technology infrastructure (such as reading, copying, changing, or deleting another user’s files or software) without the knowledge and agreement of the owner.

q. Video or audio recording and sharing those recordings of other debaters or instructors without their written consent.


Specifically for the Climb the Mountain Speech and Debate Program, the participant is expected to:

• Use any server/Google docs/etc. for sharing speech and debate materials and not for mp3’s, videos, large graphic files, etc.

• Use the server/google documents to regularly backup the participant's documents.

• Use the participant's hard drive or the server to store documents. 

• Save documents at least every 5 minutes so that they don’t get lost.

• Use other people’s documents and folders ONLY if you have their permission.

• Do not add multiple folders, unneeded files, or otherwise substantially alter the folder structure on Google documents/the server. The participant may make a few sub-folders in your folder but beyond that, the participant will need a lab leader's permission to make further changes.

• Assure that the participant's personal computer has the latest Windows/Mac/Chrome/Linux updates. If you do not have these, the participant should contact the program director for help in updating these files.

• Assure that the participant's personal computer has updated Anti-virus, Anti-spyware, etc. protection. See the program director for more information.

• Use the latest version of Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Contact the Internet Assistant if the participant needs help downloading/installing the latest version.

• Assure the participant's operating system’s firewall is turned on.

• Do NOT Share personal username or password except in an emergency or if it is necessary for the Internet Assistant to help.

• As a whole, use the computer access as a responsible user who does not interfere with nor damage the computer system nor other participants' computer access and who does not harass others through the computer system.

Violations of these policies are addressed subject to the discretion of the Director of the Program but if serious could be grounds for expulsion.

Photography Agreement

Click the Photo Option you prefer: ("We" refers to those signing below; The participant is the person being registered to participate in the program) *

Finishing Up Part 1 of Registration

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