Credit Card Payment Page and Afterschool Debate Program Enroll Page

For the Somerset Elementary Program? Please wait until Jim assures your child is registered.

Name and Contact Info of Person Paying

We need to know the name of the credit card person so we can match it with the student being paid for.

Paying for . . .

What are you paying/signing up for? *
Reminder: All Climb programs and tournaments are ONLINE for Jan and Feb. NO IN PERSON EVENTS.

Amount you are paying Climb the Mountain . . .

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Amount to include:
--Elementary School Afterschool Debate Program Fall Session

     Mondays: Jan-Feb: 99

     Wednesdays: Jan-Feb: 99

--Middle School After School Debate Program Fall Session

     Mondays: Jan-Feb including Feb tournament: 185

     Wednesdays: Jan-Feb including Feb tournament: 185

     Extra SU Tournament in January: 60

 --plus 5 for each family/friend eating at the turnament
    --do not pay for parking here; you now use paybyphone app
--College Tournaments, clinics for schools--see invoice from Jim
--Camp Deposit: 50 for one week camp; 100 for two week camp; note that camp deposits are not refundable because when you register we make commitments that cost us money.
--Remainder due for the Camp: Contact Jim Hanson for amount due at:
Numbers represent dollars but do not use the dollar sign in the box--just include the number, eg 50

Next Step . . .

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Paying with Credit Card?
    Click "Continue to PayPal" NOT PayPal Check out.
    Then, Click Pay with Debit or Credit below "Log In"
    Then, Fill in the PayPal Guest Checkout.
--If you have a PayPal account and want to use it--Log in to PayPal and pay.
--Unfortunately, PayPal sometimes changes these pages and may make you look for the credit card payment option.