NPTE Payment

Information of Person Paying

Name of School you are paying for

Amount Due


School Fee: $50
Fee Per Team: $250 (covers two debaters' and one judge's food)
Extra observers fee: $40 per person (those not covered by per team fee)
Uncovered team: $500 (you may not have more than one uncovered team)
Example: school with 2 teams with 1 observer = 50 + 500 + 40 = owe 590

REFUNDS. When you accept a bid to the NPTE, you pay regardless of whether you attend or not.

Finish up

Please Read This . . . After you click "Continue" you:

1. Select "Continue with PayPal" (small link below "Check out with PayPal")

2. Select "Pay with a debit or credit card . . ."    OR   choose to sign in to your PayPal account.

3. Provide information required.

4. Review your order and click "Pay" at bottom of the page.