Circle Square Ranch Grand River 
Spiritual Reference Form 
Thank you for taking the time to complete this reference form. The applicant who sent you the link to this form is applying for a summer position at Circle Square Ranch Grand River. Circle Square Ranch Grand River is a Christian childrens' summer camp and year round retreat centre.  For more information about camp please go to:
Please first identifiy the person you are completing the reference for:

Reference Information

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Applicant Information

Please complete the following information as accurately as possible.  The assessment of the applicant helps us as we place summer volunteers in camp positions.
Please rate the applicant's ability/involvement in each of the following areas: *
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Ability to follow instructions
Ability to work as part of a team
Active involvement in school or community
Active involvement in church or youth group
Capacity to work with young people and children
Consistent desire to learn and grow
Demonstrated knowledge of the Bible
Consistent growth in Christian life and faith
Determination to honour commitment
Energy level
Maturity of judgement
Leadership ability
Sense of humour
Communication ability
Self control
Ability to take criticism
Ability to work under stress
Emotional stability
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