TW TrainWorx - Customer's Custom Layout Profile

Era Modeled *
Please complete this questionnaire to the best of your ability so that we may serve you effectively.
2) What scale model railroad would like to model?
3) Is there a particular railroad you wish to model? (For example: New York Central or Santa Fe)
4) If no particular prototype, please describe what type of theme you have in mind for your layout.
5) What era? (For example, late 1940's thruogh the end of steam).
1) What type of operations? (Check those that apply)
2a) How many potential operators at one time?
2b) Number of trains in continuous operation?
3) Operators will be:
4) Do the operators have a basic knowledge of how real railroads operate?
5) Any other considerations?
1) Where is the space?
2) Any off-limits areas?
3) Do you have close proximity to electrical outlets?
4) How large/size of a table do you want?
5) Do you want an irregular shaped table and if so, what shape and size?
6) Table height? 
7) Is it acceptable to put track anywhere on your layout?
If no, what areas are restricted? (Please describe)
8) What ratio of track to scenery? (ex: 50%-50%)
9) Are there any special under layout requirements?
Access required at all?
Choose One:
Cabinets or other storage?
10) Minimum track radius requirements: (Please refer to manufacturers minimum radius required for operation of your model trains)
1) Do you intend to operate your trains with a conventional (control at the transformer) system and manual switch operations?
2) If you intend to operate your trains with a remote system, which system do you prefer?
3) Will you operate your turnouts (switches) and or accessories from buttons adjacent to the units?
4) Will you want to control your switches or accessories with a remote control unit?
5) Would you prefer to operate your tunouts from a single control board centrally located on the layout with a detailed trackplan and indicator lights?
1) What level of completion are you seeking? (Please check all that are appropriate)
Structures and bridges: (Check all that apply)
2) What season of the year do you wish to represent? (Check all that apply)
3) Any other special considerations (describe):
The above questionnaire is meant as a guideline to assist us in our efforts to give you the layout of your dreams! It will help when we speak with you regarding your project. Please feel free to call us to discuss andy questions and/or concerns not reflected here.
Please attach any drawings, photos or photo copies of of the following:
- A Floor plan of the room that your layout will occupy.
- Please provide overall dimensions with doors and windows indicated.
- Indicate any existing obstructions or special considerations.
- Any initial idea sketches of your layout.
- Inspirational images of layouts you like or ideas that you want to include.
- Images of buildings, locations, seasons or any other element that you'd like your layout to include.
Thanks for helping us help YOU to create the extraordinary Layout of YOUR DREAMS!