Legislative Advocacy/Training Survey

We want your input about our legislative and policy advocacy and our training and presentations, in order to improve what we do. This survey comes in two parts – one for general input and another for input on a specific training/presentation.   Feel free to complete whichever section applies.
Please indicate whether you are (please check all that apply): *

As legislative and policy advocates for the rights of people with disabilities, how do you feel we are doing?
How would you rate your experience in collaborating with Disability Rights California Staff in areas such as: trainings, presentations, and legislative/policy advocacy?

Were your access needs met? (Getting into the building/bathroom, was the training room comfortable)
Did you learn something from this training/presentation?
Will you be able to use what you learned?
Did we help you accomplish what you set out to in attending this training/presentation?
Overall, how would you rate the usefulness of this training/presentation?
Would you recommend this training/presentation to other advocates or community partners? 
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