Thank you for your continued participation in the California Youth Symphony! 

All members MUST complete this application form and all members are expected to audition to be considered for advancement in the 2020-2021 Season. There is no audition fee. Applications are processed in the order received.
Please review the important Audition Requirements and Help & Hints pages of our website prior to completing this Audition Registration form.
  • Current JUNIOR STRINGS (JS) members will audition for Ms. Kati Kyme
  • Current INTRODUCTORY WIND (IW) members will audition for Ms. Rosita Amador
  • Current WIND ENSEMBLE (WE) members will audition for Mr. Pete Nowlen
  • Current PERCUSSIONISTS in ASSOCIATE ORCHESTRA (AO) and WIND SYMPHONY (WS) will audition for Mr. Artie Storch
    Mr. Leo Eylar.
DO NOT complete this form if you are:
  • a GRADUATING senior
  • a SENIOR ORCHESTRA member, unless:
    • You are a member of the 2nd violin section.
    • You do not plan on returning to CYS next year or unsure about returning to CYS next year. (If you are returning to CYS, you only have to wait until after May 2 for your registration instructions)


  • ALL other current members must submit this response form by the deadline. There is no fee required to submit your audition application/response form.
  • This link is to be used by current members only, and this link can only be accessed through your group's weekly newsletter or by visiting your group's billboard page. The link is also available below.
  • Scheduling consecutive time slots for siblings may not always be possible, but please note your request on the audition form. Siblings not currently in CYS will need to complete the New Member Audition Form through our website. 

CAUTION: Please do not complete the New Member Entrance Audition Application found on our main CYS website for, as the name implies, that is for students not currently enrolled in CYS as of the spring 2019-20 season. Moreover, that form has an entirely different set of audition dates and schedules from the current member application form. 

  • March 1 - Application Deadline (Application closes at 11:59PM PST)
  • March 15 - Mailing of Audition Appointments via USPS
  • May 2 - Mailing of Audition Results and Registration Instructions via USPS
  • May 15 - Registration and Payment deadline for the 2020-2021 Season.

If you have any changes or corrections to your application after you have completed your registration, please contact the CYS office by phone at 650-325-6666 or by email at with your request.

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