Saint Paint

There is no better way to show your school spirit than SAINT PAINT from the Xavier Dance Team! 
The Xavier Dance Team will paint the Xavier logo on your driveway, basketball court, patio or other flat surface.  The logo is approximately 2.5 ft x 3 ft and will be centered at the end of your driveway unless otherwise specified. The paint is durable and will last up to one year.  The logo can be applied to both cement and blacktop.
Cement Pavers are 16"x16"x2". - CURRENTLY SOLD OUT
Any questions? Please contact Erin Decker by email or call 319-739-0146.


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If you are opting to pay through 8to18 at a later date, please note an invoice will be sent to the address provided above.
Saint Paint can be paid for by making a check payable to Xavier Dance Team to:
Xavier Dance Team
1395 N Center Point Road
Hiawatha, IA 52233
Or by using 8to18 or by paying cash or check at the time of Saint Paint.  Individuals opting to pay at the time of Saint Paint must be home at the time Saint Paint is completed. 
How will you be paying for Saint Paint? *
Please make the check payable to:
Xavier Dance Team
1395 N. Center Point Road
Hiawatha, IA 52233
Please make sure you or someone from your household will be home to pay at the time of service. Arrangements can be made to collect payment by calling Erin Decker at 319-739-0146.


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XDT will do their best to accommodate dates and times. However, for effeciency reasons, not all requests will be fulfilled.  Please note if there are requirements, special requests, etc. below.  If you require a specific date and/or time, please call 319-739-0146.
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Placing a marker or object, such as a rock, to indicate where you would like the Saint Paint to go is a great idea. It can serve as a visual reference point and help ensure accuracy in the placement. Additionally, if there are specific orientation requirements, like indicating the direction the Saint Paint should face on a basketball court, you can also position the marker accordingly to provide clear guidance.

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